Sunday, April 12, 2009


There is something odd with the machine that I'm using to type this post. Initially when I was typing in the title, this gibberish translation would appear as soon as I pressed the space bar. Hence the reason my title has no spaces. I digress, this break has been a very relaxing carefree period for me, but alas it has come to a tragic close. The first day of break I went to a highly anticipated curry cookoff, which did not disappoint, however I wasn't as hungry as I had hoped, so it was not as enjoyable as last year. On the second day of break I went to Hanamatsuri service and there was a hanamido, but there was also a basketball tourney across the street where most of the kids were participating in so there weren't very many people there. The spaghetti and Chinese chicken salad however were divine. The following day I called up my friend Juan and she agreed to have lunch with me. We went to this Thai place because she wanted to have noodle soup and I had chicken on a stick (grilled) with peanut sauce. It wasn't the best meal that I've had, but it was not bland.

Ensuite, we went to Rossy Park and to my astonishment, there was a relatively new play structure there. In my ancient memory I remember that I would play at Rossy when I lived close to the park, but there was a big swing- which the park now lacks. We, well more like I, ran through sprinklers and got wet. We also awkwardly encountered a couple of people from school that we don't know too well, but according to teenybopper etiquette, it would be impolite to ignore. Then I went home and went on my computer for the rest of the day. To sum it up, I went on my computer and pretended to be doing homework, but actually watching Friends episodes on I learned a few things from this show: 1. if someone gets stung by a jellyfish, you pee on them to ease the pain. 2. if cats eat lilies they die. 3. I hate Phoebe. 4. All the women on the show have these irritating attitudes. 5. No one likes dinosaurs. 6. adults are stupid.

Also throughout the week I have been playing a lot of basketball. And kicking my bro's ass at knockout whoohoo. My dad signed up for a family YMCA membership at Buchanan so now I have a card to play bball or workout (haha like I would go). While procrastinating in the stairwell of the YMCA I noticed several fliers for kids ages 13-17. For two sessions at USF or something, you can get paid $100. It's a teen smoking study so you can either smoke or not smoke. I hope I can participate in this study- I mean not only am I contributing to the research of people trying to understand why teens smoke, but I'm getting paid for it. Oh and I get to get hooked up to a brain machine! How cool is that? mwhahahaha

On Saturday I volunteered with Fred at the Adopt An Alleyway Workathon. This was a rather fun experience for me. I have never really painted stuff- like painting one color wallish type painting. I was assigned to the Forensic group which consisted of Fred, Freds two friends, Suse, Anne, supervisor man, leader girl, and I. We got to paint over graffiti in a couple alleyways. I must admit though, that it puts quite a bit of stress on the hands.

Coincidentally, I ran into an old friend of mine. Her grandfather owns the fortune cookie shop in Ross alleyway- one of the alleys that we were assigned to paint. It is interesting to note that her father- who I've met perhaps three times in fifth grade, remembered me. So did her grandma who I haven't seen for ages (and only like once). They yelled out, "Megumi, come here! You want fortune cookie?" Then my friend Victor said she would be working in the factory all day, so I said that I might drop by later. Unfortunately I was so tired at the end of the Workathon that I forgot. I think that I mentioned this friend in my first blog post about how she called me and nonsensically conversed with me. Showing that we don't have that much of a close relationship to each other.

After the Workathon, I went to Laurel Village to get a latte from Peets. I actually had to go bathroom, but I felt guilty that I didn't buy anything, so I got the latte... My pops picked me up and we went home and I went on the computer and discovered something called Facebook bowling. This game is a wonderful thing. It's so fun and effortless. It takes approximately a minute to play one game, and the music is so motivational and intense.

After a while my dad took us to play basketball. There was a lot of wind so it was harder to play. Then my bro kicked my ass at one-on-one the brat. Then we briefly visited the Cherry blossom festival to get some beef sticks. I saw my Berkley friends in the car but then I had to leave because of a previous engagement.

Since my dad and bros bday is on Monday, we celebrated on Saturday. We went to Grand Palace in South City (it's one of our favorites) with my uncle and aunt and some family friends. The food was good, but this time the lobster was rather small. One of my bros guest is my dads underling who recently had a baby. The baby was really cute. His eyes and eyelashes were so long and big. And he was so chubby! His cheek is so soft and jelloey! Anyway the cake was mango mousse and it was really good.

My bro received a hundred bucks, guitar lessons, and a HD video camera.

Today I went to church late and I went to the CB festival and got more beef sticks from Nihonmachi Little Friends booth. (Yesterday they didn't have onigiri so I went today to get 'em)

My dad met his old high school buddy on Facebook and went to meet her at her CB booth. And now he's back. Okay that's all for now folks.


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