Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mash-ed Pote-to

I feel like whenever there is a shitload of shit to do, I cook something. Bad habit I suppose, but cooking is so fun and the product is tasty. Today I made some garlic mashed potatoes. Practicing for Thxgiving :P
Also, this is soup my mom made the other day. It was a chicken, spinach and something soup. So delicious.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


So I thought that it would be cool to make butterscotch. I browsed a recipe that required a bunch of stuff that I didn't have so i pretty much made up my own variation (without measurements...). So I put in milk, sugar, vanilla, butter and honey cream stuff. Simmered it while constantly mixing it so it wouldn't burn. Turned out chewy and delicious. It's very sweet though, so next time I'll lay off the sugar (and the butter). It's so buttery, but would taste delicious with coffee or something.First is a picture of the hardening sugar stuff I updated last post.

More Caramel!

I was bored so I simmered some sugar and water for a while....and made candy! it tastes pretty good but i think would tastes delicious with some sort of flavoring. Umm yeah I put it on parchment paper to cool and it hardened almost instantly. peeled off easily too. Shatters like glass though :p