Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Contemporary society convinces us that there is a possibility for one to resolve their inner conflicts by consulting a psychologist. I have personally considered, and actually gone to talk to one. I always think for days on what to say, a way to quantify my own psyche, a method to explain what I think the problem is. These issues are obviously taboo, and awkward to talk to ones parents about. No one wants their parents to know that they are losers and need help. In my mind, I find a distorted sense of endearment towards the image I project.

Unfortunately every time I am able to speak to a psychologist or nurse, I end up spouting the routine nonsense that I have repeated time and time again. Nothing is produced from the sessions, the time could even be compared to sleeping. My subconscious probably has many conversations with itself...about the same issues. When I watch teen angst movies, or tv series' like "The Secret Life of the American Teenager," I feel like my problems are so trivial. How small I feel to be concerned with matters that are ant sized compared to others who have teen pregnancy and abuse. How wrong is it to feel a twinge of jealousy at the eventfulness of their lives. How inconsequential is my yearn for excitement and variety in my life. It is doubly depressing to know that one is clinically depressed because of boredom and lack of drama - furthermore being the issue is so trifling that I needn't spend money on speaking of it.