Friday, March 20, 2009


Wow. I am so elated yet so enraged at the same time. I went to school after a long absence because of an unrelenting sinus infection or strep throat whatever it is. I am so screwed. I don't know why I do badly in the easy classes. Shouldn't it be the other way around? Well anyway, I successfully got into the two AP classes that I applied to. I am genuinely surprised that DLR agreed to recommend me for AP stats, because of my poor grades and blah. Well anyway, I guess my midnight essay moved them scienficial hearts ;). I wrote it at 2am after going to bed at 11pm and then having a dream about it. I wrote it quickly and went to bed- I barely remember writing it but coolio. APUSH was a given, because of my teachers obvious favoritism towards me. I look forward to learning the history of this nation that I have grown to nearly despise. That may have sounded sardonic, however I am fairly anticipating the class. I hope that I won't drown from the work... because I can barely tread. Was I the only one who chuckled at this analogy?

So I think that recently I have gone on facebook way too much. This is obviously an indication that I have focus issues. Anyway, I was playing this game called word challenge (it's a fb app). The objective of the game is to make as many words as you possibly can out of the given (7?) letters. It's quite amusing, buuut my friend is really good at this. Now not to be an "elitist" (wink) but my friend has never displaced an aptitude for the english language... which leads me to wonder what the hell I'm doing wrong in this game.

I suggest you try play.

oh also I really like indian music dawgy:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

haha, point of insanity

there is always that tipping point. once you go forward there is no return. don't look back into that terrifying abyss. how did we arrive to hopes garden. will we ever reach the place of contentment. our lives wasted in the pursuit of arrogant satisfaction. why do we knowingly chase after the unattainable forbidden fruit. the select few that get the taste. why can't we be in their place? jealousy consumes our daily lives and yet we still follow the fateful road that leads to the pseudo light.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Idiocracy or idiosyncrasy?

So there is this whole controversy that went down this weekend, but I'm too exhausted to relate it yet again.

Put simply, adults are like toddlers - namely Mrs. Lovrin and Mrs. Andrejeff. The old bitches. Oh life is great. We still won 3rd for the poster. Lalalalala. This would be the appropriate time to say that we are vindicated!

This is a funny picture from the Spera con:

Monday, March 9, 2009

Second piece of awesomeness

I am almost finished sewing this shirt. It is cool! I dismembered two man shirts completely into fabric (cuz its cheap!) and I cut out shapes and sewed em up. I am still a novice and its just so fulfilling when you can make something you can wear!

sweetness. other than this my day sucked.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Those Untrue Cliche's

"the one i am afraid of disappointing the most- is myself" pull-ease. obviously thats not true. everyone does everything for everyone. you do something so that you appear a certain way, or feel good a certain way, so that people around you can appreciate it.

i am very disappointed. i failed. i thought that making curry would be easy- how wrong was i! In the end, my parents needed to assist me in fixing the mistakes. fortunately i was able to save the curry, and in the end it tasted good. however i do not enjoy help.

also i saw the movie, "the watchmen" and my parents forced me to leave early because they were so "disgusted" by the nudity and senseless violence. i do not like to end things short if i can help it. that is why i got extremely upset, i mean, i wanted to see the fricken end of the damn movie!

then i just got back from this thai place on Clement and I had dessert- soooo good. anyway we also went to Safeway and I took like God knows how long, trying to find this "marzipan" icecream flavor, which in the end i never found damnet! I tried it the other day with a couple of friends and it was Heavenly. I also saw this hot guy who reminded me of this other asian hot guy. haha, completely pointless info.

happy days.

oh shit gotta do so much worrrk!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Really want to be a Heretic

Today Wikipedia featured an article on Vithoba. It's quite interesting actually. He is a Hindu god. The legends are intriguing but at the same time extremely confusing because I have no background and 1/2 of most of the sentences refer to religious texts and deities.

I feel like everything that I have been doing has amounted to nothing. I wanted to do so many things, but my constant lack of commitment has lead many to believe me a flake. I believe I've mentioned this before, but I know that I'm flaky. I know that I am not reliable-- yet at the same time I wish for everyone to trust me. I don't know how my life will play out, but I need to discard these irrational egocentric feelings.

I want to learn. I want to know-- but to what extent?