Monday, March 24, 2008


Sunday I didn't do anything. We left our house at seven o'clock pm. We listened to 102.1 KDFC, and it was a program called "From the Top", a program that interviews protege's, and the theme yesterday was, "children from age 8-13". It really depresses me to know that these kids- who are much younger than me can create music so extraordinary. I really wish I was a protegee.

We went swimming at 9pm, and the water in the hotel room takes 15 minutes to heat up (quite ridiculous I know). That's my only complaint, the cables good, the pools good, there's a mini fridge, and microwave.

I'll update later about today- we're going shopping in Gillroy.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Is my life destined to be boring?

Today was boring. Boring. Boring. Boring.

I woke up late, and then went to the city. I hung out with my friends (Perry and Doughnut), at Stonestown. It was all shopping. Doughnut bought shoelaces at Hot Topic, and Perry bought a normal t-shirt at American Eagle. They were both reasonably satisfied with their purchases. I spent two dollars throughout the whole trip- it was very satisfactory. It just proves that I can save money! We went to Borders, and I read manga, meanwhile- they went to McDonald's to eat grease and ground abused cows. 

There was a dinner afterward, and I meandered about. The food was good- teriyaki-ish salmon with asparagus. It made me sick. The dessert was good, but very rich. I wish I had a camera to take a picture of it. I must sleep now, for it is late- but I'll update tomorrow.

Ciao 4 now-


PS: If anyone reads this- give me suggestions on what I can do to get a life... I'm willing to purchase one if you have one for sale... Well, more like I'm willing to haggle for it. Anyways, yes, feedback would be appreciated.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Stupid, stupid, stupid

Today was not that great. I quit fencing today. The coach is an asshole... So I would like to rant (for that is what blogs are for) so here goes....*takes deep breath*. I took the time to write a reasonably well written letter of apology and resignation from the team, and he doesn't except it- because he doesn't fucking want it! I bought candy for him so that it may help quell a bit of his anger, but I didn't feel like it was necessary any more, because he was being such an ass. When I told him the reason for my quitting, he just tossed my explanation, and told me these words verbatim, "No- you aren't quiting because your parents want you to, you just don't want to anymore since you're all over the place". What the fuck? I mean, sure, I'm not that great, but you don't have to say it as if I'm quitting just because I suck. I'm quitting because the coach sucks, and I'm getting stressed out (look to my post from yesterday to find more reasons). It really irritates me, and I kind of got upset, as I left I was pretty angry, but yeah...

I left the school and I got to the bus-stop, but then I realized that I had lost my wallet, so I couldn't even get on the bus. I saw my friend Elaine and asked her for some mullah, but she didn't have any to spare. So I decided to walk to Japan town, 40 something blocks, down Geary street. Thankfully I saw a couple more of my friends across the street and I ranted to them about the whole fencing incident, and it helped me blow off some steam. Marcus and Genie lent me money, and I took the "1" bus down California with them. Big mistake. I forgot that my original destination was for the Union Square Borders. I then got lost after my friends got off the bus and I stayed on. So it turns out that the place I got off the bus was right near my church (haha, thank Buddha). I made my way to Japan town, broke as hell.

Now I'm at NJAHS and writing this blog- and guess what? I found my wallet in my pocket! (You're probably thinking, "what a ditz", well I am. What of it?)


Thursday, March 20, 2008

YAY! 3.5 baby!

I got a 3.5 on my report card, now before you begin to judge, I would like you to look at my previous GPA average to my current one. 2.83 to a 3.5- now tell me this isn't progress. This was all due to "The Bakers" generous grade. He told me that I got a C+ but on the report card I suppose he was in a good mood and bumped it up to a B-, god bless (or Buddha bless, depends on how you look at it). Miraculously I didn't get a single C! The only thing I can complain about is the fact that I was absent once for P.E. without a "re-admit" form, and I got a grade less...I could've gotten a 3.8 but it's still cool.

Today was okay... I had a headache all through 4th, 5th, and 6th period. Thankfully nothing happened that is worth mentioning. My brother is letting me use his Sandisk mp3 player, and I am ever so grateful. I've started to realize that I'm a real loner. My friends Doughnut and Perry have started 
to drift away. Well, I still talk to Perry, but I hardly even speak to Doughnut. It's really sad, because we used to be good friends. And sadly, those are my resident "good friends". I need to find a "good friend" who is willing to give me space when I need to, is crazy as I am, is as serious as I am, has as many OCD's as I do, likes reading, enjoys fun, a coward, and many other things. I wonder if I'm being to particular? I feel it is appropriate to insert the computer talk acronym, lol.

Stroke 9 is a wonderful band. Snow Patrol is giving me bad luck- the last song I played before the said ipod was stolen. I have converted to primitive means of music- burning CD's. It is sad, yet brings nostalgia of my middle school days. I really miss my middle school friends... I can't even speak with them 
normally anymore. I must contact them soon before I lose complete contact.

I have finally decided that I am going to quit fencing. I know that I may seem flaky, and indecisive, well, I am, but I would like to give some reasons that have utterly convinced me to quit. 1. My parents think I should focus more on school because my grades are suffering. 2. I'm getting acne, which utterly repulses me (well on my own face at least), the fencing mask is gross so I get sweat all over and stuff. 3. I'm always tired. 4. The coach is not really the greatest human being, putting it simply and politely. 5. I'm getting sick again- and I don't mean only physically, but my mind is sort of reverting back to "depressed" mode again. Stress has a really bad effect on my body, and also I hate being melancholy. I think that I may be bi-polar, I should check that out. End of reasons.

I need to go do homework now, I'll post in some of my other blogs later-


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The bored little bugger...

Today was boring. Perry's ipod was stolen, it was pretty weird. She's now crazy as a bull whose seen blood, she's been randomly pulling me aside and yelling "ipod!" over and over again at random things... My ipod was much more sexy though...

I didn't get into any honors classes. I half got into Advanced Algebra Honors, but now I must take a placement test- which I must study for. I will appeal for English, and my teacher said that there might have been a mistake... For biology, I will need to appeal as well, not getting my hopes up too much. The only reason I would like to get honors in those classes is because I don't want to be in an environment where people "allow" me to copy, or "ask" me if I can let them copy work. It's bad enough that I'm behind in science, if I'm in a room of oafs, I am going to scream. I am such a desperate contradictory bull.

I ate a lot of unhealthy food today. We did LD practice after school, and Perry and I both sucked. I wonder how it will go on the day of the shindig. I didn't go to fencing because of debate, but I wasn't there on Monday, the coach will be pissed, and I'm going to be scared. I'm going to quit fencing after the Galileo match, because it's making my grades suffer, I'm getting acne, and I'm really stressed out. My chronic stomach ailment is very bad when I'm stressed out.

Well, gotta do homework-


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

*cough cough cough cough*

I recently discovered something on wikihow- it's called "inter-pals". This site is for people who are looking for "pen pals" globaly. It's quite fun. Asian people are fun, their English isn't that polished, but it is still great. There are Germans...British people...Irish people...etc. Awesome. Anywayz, onto my day.

Thankfully I wasn't too depressed today, I have found that my sorrow from yesterday has, for the most part become dormant. Of course, my ipod didn't show up at school. My friends, sympathized like friends are suppose to...I asked them this question: If you found an ipod video nano mini, with a name and number on it, would you turn it in? I'm a bit disapointed yet, expected the answer. All of them told me that if they didn't know the number, they would keep it or sell it.

One of my friends from English said that he was an electronic trader, and he might be able to get another ipod just like mine in a couple of days... I'll consider buying it.

Christina was in a bad mood again today, "she didn't want to talk about it", but it kind of makes me sad to watch someone be so melancholy and despondent. Mary dyed his hair again- blonde-ish orange. I think Blue likes Lese, haha. Mandy might be gay. Jargons best friend tells me that she has concluded that she's lesbian. People are becoming gay before my eyes. I admit that I may be a bit homophobic, yet I don't have a problem with people who are already 'out'. It's more like people who I thought were straight are actually gay? I have no idea, it's a very mixed feeling thing.

I choked on a piece of tofu as soon as I got home, curse you karma, I should've kept my fork out of the bowl...I've been coughing ever since *cough cough*. Damnet, every one is coughing these days. Perry was coughing all day Saturday and claimed she wasn't sick, so we shared food. I am coughing now and I have a runny nose. Thank you very much Perry >=(.

*cough cough cough cough*


Monday, March 17, 2008

Shit-Fuck-!@#$%^&*()@!#$%^&*(!@#$%^&* [insert more profanity]

Someone stole my ipod. I'm angry. Angry as fuck. It's as if someone insulted me, and they were contradicting themselves. As if someone poked me with a poisonous needle while I was sleeping, never to realize that I'd been poisoned even when I met my demise. I feel like punching people *cough* certain individuals, just being racist...and a mild dislike 
for them prior. My mom and dad are not in any way sympathetic. Their response consisted of, "oh that's too bad, you should have been more careful- it was your fault anyway." I suppose they may be a bit happy considering that I will be all ears when they talk. 

Prior to my unfortunate event I had felt really bad. I didn't feel up to going to fencing, for my stomach was churning with both bad dairy (old cheese) and guilt + sadness of losing my precious green ipod nano. My beautiful, I never even took a photograph of it. There is no record of it's existence...

Worst. Day. of. My. Life.
Except, previous to the event, life was okay- which is why I was ignorant of the terror to come.



Sunday, March 16, 2008

Green Tea is awesome!

I love green tea. It tastes good with everything. It's cheap. It has caffeine. It smells good. What else can I say? I used to dislike it, but it's not as bitter as I remember.

Today was boring. I woke up at twelve o'clock pm. I went on my computer all day. I practiced piano for a while. Did some homework. And took another nap. Anime is interesting, so is manga, but it's beginning to become tedious and repetitive, I must find something else to do.

I have decided to learn C and C++ script, so I can become a computer nerd. Who knows when I'll have time to learn it. Perhaps in the summer. I need to formulate my summer plans soon, else it'll rush unto me like last year. Spring break is soon, and my parents said that we can go on a road trip so that we can Outlet shop.

There was a possibility of me going to Japan this summer, but I doubt I will. It takes a lot of cash, and right now my mom is partially unemployed, so we're not necessarily raking it in. I would feel bad to push my parents to fund my expedition... A long road trip would be nice- but you also have to consider the rising gas prices. It's already become regular for a gas station to charge four dollars a gallon!

Hopefully, the library will once again become my sanctuary. Watch out, because I shall be uber intelligent when school starts again! I need to also look into a few summer internship programs, and also summer camps. Sleep away-camps are fun.

Gotta go to bed-


Saturday, March 15, 2008


Birds migrate, I wonder why they have instincts.

Today I hung out with Perry. We went to H&M to buy these checkered pants that Doughnut had, but they didn't have it. We then went to the Westfield food court, and ate risotto and salmon, yummy. After that we went to Hollister- as per usual, and Perry bought a tank top while I read skateboarding magazines, and snowboarding magazines. My ipod broke earlier this morning, and I was distraught, I thought it may have been a corrupted music file or something like that. We went to the Apple store, and they fixed it up really fast. Apparently if you hold the middle button then the Menu button, it turns on if theres a glitch. I was happy happy.

Then we decided to go ice skating, but there were only fifteen minutes left in the session, and the next one started at four, which was obviously too late for both of us. Instead we went bowling, and I played the worst game I've ever played. Normally my average for bowling is around 130-140, but today it was on 73. Perry swims so she is buff, she is strong, hence she got a relatively decent score (but I still beat her ;p ). We then went to the play structure and played for five minutes.

We got on the bus to go to this cafe that Perry was raving about, and an old Russian lady helped us in telling us which buses to take to get there. We got there after a lot of time. Perry saw one of her swimming friends and I listened to my ipod. We got to Little Paris Cafe, and we order baked fried rice. It was really good, we were comparing the risotto we ate earlier with the fried rice, pretty similar actually. The restrooms were so-so, no toilet-seat covers, or paper towels.

We then went to the liquor store and bought gum. We chewed the gum as we walked down Noriega. We caught the bus (28) and went to Park Presidio, we went our separate ways, and now I am currently in Japantown.



Friday, March 14, 2008


I've been contemplating life. I don't know why the fuck I go to school everyday... Why must we go to school everyday? My mind is so trained in so called "civilization" that I feel that going to school is something only truants do. I still don't have the balls to cut class. I suppose that I also don't want to disappoint my parents. Also the promise of college and a future. That is the consensus.

Today was boring and tiring. I got to school on time today- yay. In P.E. we played hockey, but it was stupid because there were too many players in such a small space. The teams had so many people that my team won every game while I stood there doing nothing...(I was a defender- a position I hate). In science I managed to finish both chapter reviews, and also turn in my Do Now's, thanks to Christina. Third period we watched a french movie, hilarious comedy.

One of my friends it seems, is starting to ignore me? Maybe I'm paranoid. I must confront her later. In fourth period I found out that I got an "A" in English, which is awesome. My English
teacher likes me now =D, go favoritism. During lunch I hung out with Bartho in the library (I know I'm a nerd). The library now has equipped Dell computers that have relatively fast internet. The downside is that it blocks a lot of sites. Thank god isn't blocked.
Geometry was boring, unproductive as per usual, I was talking to Christina a lot. Melvin is funny, because he seems...quiet? awkward? Or is it me that makes him awkward, haha. I don't talk to Pilot that much anymore, sad. 

Drivers ed test wasn't easy, wasn't difficult. I slept afterward. The guy in front of me had a stuffy nose so he was sniffing the whole time, not too irritating. Mary has strange ribs, they're like a box sticking out- he claims it's his ribcage, it may be because he is extremely anorexic with a squarish frame.

After school I hung out in the library again...My friend Harry talked to me a bit, and read my blog- thanks Harry, love the support. Oh yeah, previously I called her Huwe or something...too difficult to type. Harry is more 
like her name.

Fencing was interesting because finally we were working on fancy footwork. Sometimes the people on the team are a little irritating, but who isn't? We haven't done upper body exercises recently, so I have to do push-ups individually, which is, by the way, very tedious and tiring.

I think my family is going to see "1000 B.C." in half an hour so, I'll post a review-ish-like thing in my Movie review blog.



Thursday, March 13, 2008


I sold I think six yellow cupcakes (that I mentioned in a previous entry). I made three dollars! What a profit considering that I bought the cake mix for a mere dollar! Yes, I know I'm cheap- I'm Chinese it's in my blood, people like me cannot help it!  Science test was okay. I was late for P.E. thanks to my brother. My mom was late for picking me up. The doctor made us wait half an hour just so that she could check the TB test dot- negative, thank god.

I went to LD practice today, and I sucked really bad! Perry sucked too, so we're even. The girls team lost to Lowell, but the guys won. I'm continuously being annoyed by the rancid smell of the guys when I talk to them. I'm going to start distancing myself...

I am tired. My dad is mad because I didn't finish practicing piano. I'm so tired that my eyes are shutting behind my glasses. Thank got for touch tying ehh?


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I have become slowly, tired with fencing. I will finish the season, but who knows what will happen next year. I'll try a little at a club this Summer, and maybe I'll fall in love with it (although I doubt it).

Today I forgot everything! Thankfully I got all of them successfully back.
  1. Forgot cupcakes that I was going to bring to school
  2. Forgot bagels in science classroom
  3. Forgot science book in locker
  4. Forgot knickers for fencing at home
See what I mean?

I have begun to see cool people on YouTube, and I have subscribed to them. British people are cool. I ate Asian salmon just now, with corn and spinach- yum.

I think that I passed my mathematics test- thank god, it may just save my grade. I have a headache, I need to pick up my prescription tomorrow for my allergies. Drivers ed, boring as per usual. 

Guess what? The school library now has computers, new ones too! The internet is pretty restrict-
ed, but I can go on Blogspot, Onemanga, as well as HoboWars. I am happy. This may be bad though, I won't be doing my homework after school anytime soon.

I'm tired.



Tuesday, March 11, 2008


We had a fencing meet/thingy at Raoul Wallenberg today, and we beat them, both girls and boys teams. I saw my friend, who I haven't seen since I started high school, at Wallenberg today- apparently she's on the fencing team. Who would have thought? (We did tend to have similar interests though, so I suppose it's not that much of a shock...) She told me to read her writing on fanfiction, which I will procede to do after I finish writing this entry.

There are usually Dogs' (hotdogs) and virgin margarita's at our fencing meets when we have home  games, so it was a bit lonely without the greasy smell of sausages and the sound of the blender. Today wasn't as bad as yesterday. Although today I went to the doctor for just a regular check-up, for my Physical form was going to expire soon, so if I wanted to go to any summer camps I would need the doctors' permission. My usual doctor was not available so I got this other doctor from the teen clinic (Kaiser P.). I had to pee in a cup, which grosses me out everytime, and then I was asked these questions from the assistant doctor.

Half an hour later, the actual doctor came in, and asked me the same questions that the nurse asked me! Surprisingly, the doctor was very young. She kind of made me a little bit irritated because she was telling me something that was kind of making me put it lightly. Reality sucks to say the least. She sort of slaughtered me with the reality that I'm really not enjoying something. Honestly I really have no idea what she was asking me to do, something along the lines of, "there is something that is not happening in your life, why do you rush to the computer all the time? Is there something that you're trying to escape?" I have no idea, I just enjoy typing, and writing, and watching anime. For some stupid reason it made me kind of emotional, which really irritates me.

I got some medication for my allergies, and then I had to go get the TB test, because last time I got it I didn't come back to show that the bubble was gone. The test was as I remember it, long and painful. The bubble's basically gone now, just a red dot remains where the nurse punctured my skin. My mom made me a tuna sandwich, which I didn't like, so I didn't eat it, resulting in my incessant hunger signals from my stomach (*cough* growling).

Drivers ed was pretty boring again today, worksheet...the usual. I'm so stupid, I forgot to bring my science book home so now I can't do all of the crossword puzzle that he gave us! Hopefully I'll be able to get the answers via the internet. I also have to formulate my arguments for my Lincoln-Douglas debate today!



Monday, March 10, 2008

Yellow Cupcakes: Not meant to be racist or interpreted in any racist-like way!

I made yellow cupcakes just now, they are tasty, I shall bring them to school tomorrow, be sure to ask me for one!

I felt bad today, like really bad. I didn't want to go to school, but I still did like the conformist I am. I should've stayed home sick. I skipped fencing because I felt REALLY bad by the end of the day. I had a test in Geometry, and I failed it. For example, one of the answers I replied by saying, "He will survive, his feet are big." See what I mean? This was supposedly a group test, but I had to do it all on my own. Additionally, the girl who sit's across from me in my group smelled like shit the whole time, shit being the terrible odor of cigarettes. The people on my table hate me now, because I refused to talk to them. I think they're going to BANK me! Just kidding, just wanted to use that word in a sentence, for I have reached enlightenment, discovering that: bank = beat up/fuck up.
Quite ingenius I must say, the genius that made it up is commended, by me! What an honor.

I was in a bad mood after the geometry test, which was followed by a drivers ed test. Hopefully I didn't fail too badly, half would be good. Maintaining a B is hard enough! I fell asleep after I finished the test, quite relaxing. I keep staring at this guys neck acne, although reasonably attractive, his neck acne bothers me a great deal, so it's a "no". 

I need to play more softball.



Sunday, March 9, 2008


My dad says I wont survive vegan, how sad. Good news is that I have been vegetarian for a week. WHOOO!

I got 300 points on Yahoo answers, Level 2 yay!

HoboWars, I am still able to maintain my level.

This weekend was utterly unproductive. I've been obsessed with jokes. I have become addicted to manga once again.

I went to piano today, wasn't too bad. Talked to piano teacher for last 15 minutes on how his kid's friends failing Alice Fong, and she might need to transfer to Hoover and whatnot, he thought a "D" was failing and she would have to repeat the grade...Just goes to show that Alice Fong's educational standards are very high. Mandarin and Cantonese required! Nevertheless, I wish my parents had enrolled me in that school, then I could order dumplings fluently *snaps*.

I feel like cutting 5th period on Monday for the group test like Christina did...probably don't have the balls to do it though...Those people on my table don't know anything! Gah, I would like to see their face when they fail the test. Anger *seethes*.

Now off to Starbucks to finally get some work done. I must start studying Hate Crime enhancements by Wednesday! I think I shall email one of my parents lawyer friends- who work in minority cases.

ciao fo now-


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Delicious Salmon and Risotto

Mmmhmmm. Food is a wonderful thing. Today Santa explained LD debate to us - we have two weeks. The topic is something along the lines of how Hate crime enhancements are unjust. We have to argue on both sides (neg & aff). I don't have a partner so I don't have anyone to blame my loss on. Today was pretty bad. I lost BOTH of my fencing matches against University High School, which resulted in the girls losing to them. They had printed knickers! Rich people *mutters incoherantly*. I walked with Perry to her house, but her mom apparently won't let me in. Something about not trusting people very much? Strange? yes. A problem? no. My friends haven't come over to my house in years - it's too much to clean up my house.

We ran half a mile for P.E. today. I have a French test tomorrow. I'm so angry. I had anticipated getting at least a "B" in math, but I got a "C' which is pure bull crap! The teacher bases too many things on the tests! I'm just not good at taking the tests. My friend Ally wasn't having a good day, and it seemed pretty crabby, but all in all, I think that she'll make it. My heart goes out to you Ally.

So I'm trying to get as many of my friends/aquaintances phone numbers, and I got three today! This guy who sit's in front of me in Drivers Ed, Blue, gave me a false phone number before - but now he gave me a real one...which I called to verify...during class *gasp* "uh oh", luckily his phone wasn't taken away. I also got Paleman's phone number, and Laine's. I must sell bagels tomorrow.

There's this whole dilemma with best debator of the year, and my friend really wants it, hope she doesn't hate me for it.

I've been reading a lot of jokes lately. I have no fucking life. WHYYYYYYY?

Ciao fo now yo -


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bored bored bored

I actually looked up on Google, "what to do when you're bored", it came up with some interesting ideas! I think I'll try one right now, well once I finish typing this blog entry. So, another day succeeding to abstain from meat! I went to debate practice today, and we were severely reprimanded by Santa, because we were the Aff, and me and my friend (first time ever being partners) defined a metaphor topic as a value, apparently "topicality". Our opponents didn't mention that until the end, so the judge would really consider it "new information" in the rebuttal.

Everyone blames the topic, but initially it's the actually people who define it funky (i.e. the aff). I think threes a saying, "don't hate the man, hate the game" or somethin' along those lines. My grandpa who makes din-din for my family every night heard that I was a vegetarian, and he's making efforts to change his menu, or at least compensate with a meat alternative. Although I appreciate the effort, generally meat alternatives (tofu chicken) taste pretty weird, not at all like real meat.

I accidentally went to far down Geary, and I got off at 6th and walked to Starbucks on 19th - on the way I talked to Orange for a while - but unbeknown to me the constant beeping sound on the phone which was assumed to be a "out of area" signal, was actually my dad calling me. Finally my dad picked me up, after much trouble on both our parts... He was really tired so we had a silentish ride.  We went to Borders because I needed to look at some books for homework. I did some
research on Global Warming, Global Cooling, and Climate change - and I feel that it seems like a joke ^.^ or at least majorly exaggerated. So gotta go and try those "what to do when you're bored" things.

ciao fo now fo shiz -


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Who let the dog out? Hoo hoo hoo hoohoo!

I ate pho today. It was wonderful. Mr. Caughman yelled at me because I had my head on my desk and my eyes were closed, he said I was sleeping - I was definately not sleeping! Guess what? I won my first fencing match today - in my life. WHOO HOO! Yeah, again Balboa!
Happy happy, I am.

Today was pretty good, but I kept hurting my fingers today. I just took a typing test and I can type 71 WPM (words per minute). Now I'm watching "Murder Princess", it's quite good, except for the fact that the bad guys are "cute" and "petty". Fortunately it has become more
"violent". Quote and Quote.

I have realized that my elongated blog entries have started to bore people. So I'm keeping it short and sweet today, for I am tired. By the way - I stayed vegetarian all day (lol), sliced beef eye, and teriyaki beef jerky almost made me relent, but I stayed strong. Yay!

ciao 4 now -