Sunday, March 9, 2008


My dad says I wont survive vegan, how sad. Good news is that I have been vegetarian for a week. WHOOO!

I got 300 points on Yahoo answers, Level 2 yay!

HoboWars, I am still able to maintain my level.

This weekend was utterly unproductive. I've been obsessed with jokes. I have become addicted to manga once again.

I went to piano today, wasn't too bad. Talked to piano teacher for last 15 minutes on how his kid's friends failing Alice Fong, and she might need to transfer to Hoover and whatnot, he thought a "D" was failing and she would have to repeat the grade...Just goes to show that Alice Fong's educational standards are very high. Mandarin and Cantonese required! Nevertheless, I wish my parents had enrolled me in that school, then I could order dumplings fluently *snaps*.

I feel like cutting 5th period on Monday for the group test like Christina did...probably don't have the balls to do it though...Those people on my table don't know anything! Gah, I would like to see their face when they fail the test. Anger *seethes*.

Now off to Starbucks to finally get some work done. I must start studying Hate Crime enhancements by Wednesday! I think I shall email one of my parents lawyer friends- who work in minority cases.

ciao fo now-


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mayb3iminsane said...

Hey, who said I really had balls to cut that day? Hahah.
LOL, that Caucasian-looking dude at your table was at my table when I ditched the group test (I wonder if he knows I cut;; besides you, Shelley, and possibly Kevin). The other girl at your table seems decently intelligent... Or so I think. You complained today of them smelling like cigars. o_O

My "useful" teammates today helped me with about two explanation questions... Not very much. I still ended up doing most of the work. Dammit. =.= Another group test worth ditching but if I did, Baker would've gotten suspicious.
Stupid beaner at my table... He was in my group last time, too! I'm complaining to the teach if I ever get stuck in a table with him again! >:O

Tong discussed today her ideal table... Her, me, Kevin, Richard. =.= 3 freshman, ironic indeed.
I wanna get stuck in a table with you someday. I've been begging Baker to grant that wish of mine, LOL. Oh, and sorry for the long-ass comment. Need to get a lot off my chest.