Friday, March 14, 2008


I've been contemplating life. I don't know why the fuck I go to school everyday... Why must we go to school everyday? My mind is so trained in so called "civilization" that I feel that going to school is something only truants do. I still don't have the balls to cut class. I suppose that I also don't want to disappoint my parents. Also the promise of college and a future. That is the consensus.

Today was boring and tiring. I got to school on time today- yay. In P.E. we played hockey, but it was stupid because there were too many players in such a small space. The teams had so many people that my team won every game while I stood there doing nothing...(I was a defender- a position I hate). In science I managed to finish both chapter reviews, and also turn in my Do Now's, thanks to Christina. Third period we watched a french movie, hilarious comedy.

One of my friends it seems, is starting to ignore me? Maybe I'm paranoid. I must confront her later. In fourth period I found out that I got an "A" in English, which is awesome. My English
teacher likes me now =D, go favoritism. During lunch I hung out with Bartho in the library (I know I'm a nerd). The library now has equipped Dell computers that have relatively fast internet. The downside is that it blocks a lot of sites. Thank god isn't blocked.
Geometry was boring, unproductive as per usual, I was talking to Christina a lot. Melvin is funny, because he seems...quiet? awkward? Or is it me that makes him awkward, haha. I don't talk to Pilot that much anymore, sad. 

Drivers ed test wasn't easy, wasn't difficult. I slept afterward. The guy in front of me had a stuffy nose so he was sniffing the whole time, not too irritating. Mary has strange ribs, they're like a box sticking out- he claims it's his ribcage, it may be because he is extremely anorexic with a squarish frame.

After school I hung out in the library again...My friend Harry talked to me a bit, and read my blog- thanks Harry, love the support. Oh yeah, previously I called her Huwe or something...too difficult to type. Harry is more 
like her name.

Fencing was interesting because finally we were working on fancy footwork. Sometimes the people on the team are a little irritating, but who isn't? We haven't done upper body exercises recently, so I have to do push-ups individually, which is, by the way, very tedious and tiring.

I think my family is going to see "1000 B.C." in half an hour so, I'll post a review-ish-like thing in my Movie review blog.




mayb3iminsane said...

It's true;; I have the balls to argue with some really stuck up white people in suits --- with briefcases too. ;]

To be honest it's pretty easy to get my mother to shut up. I'm actually the stubborn one here... Like most FOB-bish Asian parents, she wants me to apply for as many honors classes as possible next year... I only checked three. Dammit, she was pretty nice about it too. I told her that we could apply for four with our parents consent (obviously she approved =.=), but that only three were recommended considering how difficult it would be... Of course there are exceptions to everything. Certain people could handle the pressure of five honors classes (*coughs Harriet*).
Do you think they'll approve me for honors bio even if I didn't send in an application? (but checked it on my green form...)

I always look forward to Thursdays;; not anymore. There's only one person I know who's happy about the change in scheduling next week. Arghhh.
Ahh, yes, a child's psyche. Fascinating shit right there. 8D

mayb3iminsane said...

Damn. Then I guess I should have taken Adamcik's offer. =.=
The counselors here suck. And they discriminate against kids who came outta Vis Valley... It'd be funny if I were to ever say that on the left wing of the second floor OUT LOUD... I'd have at least one person disagreeing with me.
Or perhaps there is some honors qualifying exam shit for incoming freshman, that I was never informed of last spring. Either way, I blame my mother for all this crap regarding honors classes and how the administration didn't stick me in any... I'd be pissed if I only get into two next year.

I'd assume you applied for all honors classes, Megumi. o.O
Gee, no offense but I wonder if you'll really be able to commit to it. I'm getting ya something if you ever manage to whip out a 4.00 before the end of the school year. 8D

I shall minor in Psychology.
Damn... Idk what I want to do with my life anymore.

mayb3iminsane said...

I get it. But it's true... We're pretty much hopeless. There's no point in trying if the whole fucking administration system sticks you in classes that don't honor your potential.
I can't wait until senior year... For a lot of reasons.
Don't your parents offer you an incentive as well? A certain amount of money for a 4.00? Mine do... Back in middle school. Since then, I haven't earned one 4.00. Dammit. I want my report card.

Life does suck. Taking an actual class in visual art this year has made me think more about things, and has changed me on both positive and negative ways. Positive, I'm realizing that I actually have some artistic potential, and that with a little training, I can whip out a "masterpiece" if I really dedicate myself. The negative, I'm confused as hell as to what I want to major in ---
Or even what kind of college I want to go to after graduation. So my dumbass still works incredibly hard in my academic classes, even though freshman year doesn't count shit towards your class rank and other crap. Just in case I want to go to a good UC.