Monday, March 24, 2008


Sunday I didn't do anything. We left our house at seven o'clock pm. We listened to 102.1 KDFC, and it was a program called "From the Top", a program that interviews protege's, and the theme yesterday was, "children from age 8-13". It really depresses me to know that these kids- who are much younger than me can create music so extraordinary. I really wish I was a protegee.

We went swimming at 9pm, and the water in the hotel room takes 15 minutes to heat up (quite ridiculous I know). That's my only complaint, the cables good, the pools good, there's a mini fridge, and microwave.

I'll update later about today- we're going shopping in Gillroy.



Christina. said...

Yo, I need your cell number.
Where the hell in SF do you live anyways? ;]

Christina. said...


Christina. said...

Yeah, sorry, I'm quite the heavy sleeper and my phone isn't always on... In fact, I got up at around 1:40-ish this afternoon.

I hardly use the phone anymore, so yeah. And as for ideas on what to do, it is pretty last-minute indeed... Cherry Blossom Festival thing sounds good.

Tell me more about the Haight-Ashbury.