Friday, February 29, 2008

Turkey Balls - the break of the vegetarianism

I ate turkey balls (turkey meat balls), damn - it's too late! I'll start tomorrow...hopefully. I have to go to bed now, because I have to go to Lowell High School tomorrow at 8am for a speech tournament. *giant yawn*, I'll post about my day maybe tomorrow....

adios amigos -


Thursday, February 28, 2008


I've tried and failed time and time again to stay disciplined and be vege-tarian, yet the motivation still isn't there. My relentless attempts at vegetarianism have failed, but I still would like to try something even greater..."veganism". Now you must think I'm crazy - but! I've recently read peoples blogs about being vegan, and it's given me more than an ounce of motivation to try this little "project" for as long as I can (not very long - maybe a month at most?).

Today I felt very stressed out. This morning my mother beat me up in my sleep because I was late for my doctors appointment. We finally got to the doctors office an hour late - and we were unable to catch the appointment (which was re-scheduled to some other date). Unfortunately I was overdue for my second "dose" of HPV Vaccine (i.e. Human Papilloma Virus shot). Now the first shot I believe was the worst, it was a couple months ago I believe in November. The sequence of these three doses go: after the first shot you go to get the next shot in two months, and then after that come back 4 months later - the booster is not recommended. 

I brought a music player in (my dad's zen) and I listened to calming cello music and didn't look at anyone - inflicting pain on my right fist so that I could diverge my attention from the needle sitting next to me. The needle went in, and stayed in for thirty more seconds and as it stayed in my flesh it began to throb terribly - that was when the nurse pulled the needle out - thankfully

I went  directly to school after that fiasco, and my friends (yes I have friends) asked me where I had been in first period, obviously I told them the truth - that I had been at the doctors to get a shot. At lunch my friends abandon me (I guess they're not friends are they?). I meandered around talking to the random aquaintance - how meloncholy.

Math has become much more inviting since I came to the table of this kid, let's call him Jojo. He doesn't talk to me at all. One of those kid's who don't do anything in class. The only time when he talks to me, and even this has been rare for we've established a nodding and shaking head communication system - he asks if he can copy my homework - and I'm like "go ahead", he even let's me borrow his pen. I get so much more work done then I have ever gotten done at any other table (except maybe when I was at this other silent table...but this is recently and there was a silent girl who always asked me for help so this new tables better).
I just read what I wrote just there and wow, I'm such a nerd.

Extending from the "I'm such a nerd" theme, I turned in my mathamatics Honors appication yesterday - I got an "F" in my third grading period - averaging out to a "C" as my final (thankfully), so probably I won't get into the program, but, as I quote the science dept. Head "all we can say is no right? So why don't you just apply?" I got the application for Honors Biology too - I'm behind because I should've taken Biology this year - so now I can't take Chemistry 'till Junior year. Grr.

I had to go to debate today because Santa said that if me and Ivanhoe (my debate partner) came and practiced with Perry and Huwhy then we would both get half tournament credit. Before debate I hung out with Huwhy for almost two hours - we had a long break, because our school ends at 12:40pm on Thursdays, which is usually awesome...if you don't need to stay at school - because then it's just plain boring. We debated and I guess they kicked our ass? I have no idea - 
but we could've done

Oh my god. I was supposed to go to The Urban School for our fencing meet, but my stupid mom was in a meeting - even though she promised that she would come to pick me up from debate at 3:30pm to take me to Urban - so I didn't make it. I just took the bus to Japan town and took my brother to lacrosse. Speaking of 
The Urban
School - I would've bent over backwards to get into that school - I mean every student uses 
Just thinking about it makes me sad. I didn't get in, only on the stupid waiting
list - but the thing is that it's $30k a year tuition, so I guess I saved my family quite a sum of cash.

I slept in the car for an hour while my brother went to lacrosse practice. We then went to In n' Out burger, and it was yummy. Now I'm at home, it has become routine for me to go on my laptop and train my hobo 
first thing when
I get into my house =D. Hopefully it will become routine for me to update my blog too.

I hope I get into Biology Honors, Advanced Algebra Honors, and/or English Honors. 

Ciao 4 now -


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dear Curry

Curry is good, but I hate bell peppers, especially the Christmas colored ones. Gahhh, today was a dis-asta', I didn't get my Biology Honors sheet that is due tomorrow, so now I have to take normal 
bio next year. I'm really mad. I went with Bartholomew today to talk to the Science Departments' head, and he told us we couldn't simulatiously take biology and chemistry because it would be too hard. My counselor
came to my Drivers Ed class to give us these sheets for next years classes - and it's so restricted! We are only allowed to take six classes - and that's a full schedule! At lunch there was a debate meeting, and Perry and I found out that our duo meet is this Saturday! And I'm very un-hilarious, I'm a straight faced dumb nut who is frustrated and embarrassed by acting strang (or in my idea what strang is, because even weirdo rejects have their boundries). I've been rehearsing my lines in 
public, so I'm basically talking to myself, I bet I have the reputation of having possibly a loose screw. I talked to my friend today on the phone, but she was not really paying attention so I bid her adieu - then I called my other friend, Orange, and I talked to him of the possiblity of one of our friends, Pilot being hobosexual because he kissed a man to ward off his female stalker (long story, maybe one day I shall share it).

I went to duo practice today, missing fencing - and I'm totally screwed cuz' I was supposed to go to debate tomorrow, but now I don't know. We have a fencing meet against Urban High School, and I'm devastated because that's the school that I would've given my right elbow for to have gotten into. I heard that the best youth fencing in the U.S. goes to that school, I don't know if he's on the team or not. I also have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning, I'm going to miss a science test - hopefully I can retake it on Friday. My dad is going to Chicago tomorrow so I don't know how I'm going to get to school on time (mom can't get anywhere on time if her life depended on it, therefore neither can I - without my father's help).

I have this ongoing urge to become vegan or vegitarian, but I don't know if my parents will stand for it, me being a picky eater as it is. I love fruit and I was recently able to accept soymilk as a substitute, long after I discovered my lactose intolerance...My brother's friends mother was a vegan chef, and her food looked delectable, I had the oppertunity to try some of her vegan tarts - heavenly. So not only more healthy, but also tasty...and also expensive ;p. Who knows, one day you'll see me and I'll be eating vegitarian burgers (never mind, I like those better anyways).

I went to this girl's father's bakery today, and I got some curry - this girl is in my Geometry class and I would never peg her as a bakery-girl, how quant - it was an Irish bakery to top it off. The curry was delicious by the way.

Ciao 4 now -


PS: Orange if you read this you'll know what I wrote, so I shall quiz you next time ;)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Guess what? I passed the mile test for P.E.! Whoohoo! I thought I wasn't going to pass P.E. I'm so relieved. I finished all my math homework in class today, it was pretty easy (skipping over a couple of trivial problems...>.>). The people on my table are boring...and not very helpful, not
that I really needed help...I asked this guy in homeroom if he would volunteer to be hobosexual/bisexual for a day so me and my friend would have the experience of hanging out with a gay man...he refused adamently...Ian can be such a fob sometimes ;)

I sold bagels today. Got six of em' from Santa (aka debate teacher). This gangsta' in my French class demanded I bring bagels today, but he didn't buy - and I'm like what the poophole? I listened to my ipod in French again...I'm totally failing - but I'm not learning anything either. I have the "bad" French teacher, but my counselor promised me that I'll have the good one for 3-4 French. I wanted to get French before, but now it's just boring.

ciao 4 now


Monday, February 25, 2008


I'm doing a duo thematic interpretation piece with Perry, but I'm not sure if it's gonna work out. I memorized my lines (easier then I originally presumed), but it seems that Perry hasn't touched it. I am also going to try to do LD (Lincoln Douglas) debate, which is an individual event, and you get prep time (I believe it is a couple of days). On Saturday Ivan and I won two rounds (three in total for the whole year - fucking pathetic, but I gotta be happy...).

I'm sort of sick of people telling me that I had so much potential as a debater in the beginning...and I quote, "you were the best out of all of us in the beginning - what happened? Weren't you suppose to be good?" Shit, it's not like I tried to dig my own grave. I always respond, "it takes two to tango, it's not like I can debate for both me and my partner..." I'm so stupid for being a fucking retard...always blaming someone else. Of course it's my fault, it's always my fault, it's fucking my fault! We always lose, because I can't contribute enough to cover for both of us!

Okay - I'm calm. Just my expression of frustration. The duo piece that we're doing is called "Superman" by Jules Feifer. It's quite a 
charming piece actually, Perry thinks it's boring. I'm Superman, and she's the mugger and the woman.

Fencing was boring. I always feel like quitting. It didn't help that we ran around the gym and up and around and around the stairs...adding to my stomach ache from eating pho earlier with Perry. I went home and played my new infatuation: Hobowars, you should check it out - best game ever, the only downside is that there's a limit to how much you can do...Awake gauge - anyway it's hard to explain, but you should check it out! (Click on the word hobowars and you should see the page pop up).

Well - ciao 4 now! It's almost midnight - yeesh, what a freak I am to be posting on my blog at 11:48 pm. Is this what I dare say...a true blogger? Just kiddin' I don't blog that much. Hardly at all...unfortunately.

Ciao -


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day!

Haven't posted here for a while! Whew, consistancy is my greatest nemesis (hah). Today was Valentines day, the glorious celebration of St. Valentine who helped people get married when there was a ban on marriage (I think). Today wasn't so special. I made cupcakes last night (chocolate), and I planned to give them to my friends- but I ended up not bringing enough, because by third period they were all gone. I actually made a dollar and fifty cents from selling three cupcakes.

I got chocolate from various people, notebly Jane- who gave me rasberry Milano cookies (a whole package!) thank you very much Jane. This other girl in my English class- let's call her Laya, gave me a valentine card (and almost everyone else in the class), which I was surprised by, because I thought she disliked me. In english I also got a chocolate Kit Kat bar, that had a valentines sticker "Unlock my heart" totally corny, no idea who gave that to me (or if it was even for me), but it was on my desk, so I just took it (teehee).

In French we talked, and...talked...I actually had a test in Science today, and I think I failed- because I forgot that fossil fuels are from the "inside" of the Earth, opposed to just geothermal energy (gah). At lunch we hung out in Mr. Stercostume's room, and Jane stole my salad and ran around
the room eating it...all the good stuff was gone, and she failed to notice that there were actually
mini spinach leaves that went with the stuff >=(

After school I went to eat with my friend, Jone, at this place called "Prince Cafe" or something. I didn't want to dissapoint her, so I went along. I had actually been there before (HK style) with my dad, and I hated it. We shared a teriyaki chicken bento, but there was a lot of fat. Jone had to actually ask for our change from the bill, which is ridiculous! We left and went to Walgreens, she bought two packs of giant M&M bags (almond and green), and I bought a giant box of Gobstoppers, as well as a pack of "new" spearmint gum. She didn't have keys to her house with her so she couldn't go home until 3:30pm, when her sister would get home from work. We went back to school on the bus, and we lingered outside of Quickly's, staring at a fob. We then parted.

I watched debate practice for a while- not participating, for I had gone to practice on Wednesday. The topic was funny and Jane said a really funny example: (if my neighbor's window was open and she was naked- of course I would look...) that definately came out wrong!

Anyway- I went to fencing practice and the coach was being a bitch, because he was yelling at (me) and Snowman about not being at practice on Wednesday (debate practice). Snowman was pretty frustrated and pissed, I quote, "I practice seven days a week- and he's telling me that? He shouldn't be saying something like that- our time's not expendible either". I agree with him, I have things to do too.

My dad picked me up and we went to pick up my brother from the polo fields in Golden Gate Park, he was at lacrosse practice. I also got some dumplings that were cheaper because they were closing.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nighty night

I feel that all my posts have said in the end "update later". Oh well. Unfortunately, I gotta go to sleep now, because my parents are yelling at me to sleep...but I just wanted to write a small entry in here so that I'll remember what I did today and be able to continue it later.

Woke up at usual ten o'clock. Went to piano lesson, and learned jazz version of Allayshan. I also went to Whole foods to get a barbaque chicken pizza, I picked off the onions from them.



Saturday, February 9, 2008

"It ain't nothin' but a hound dogga'..."

I was listening to some of Elvis' old stuff, and he's pretty good! My mom put an old tape that she found from her pile of old nostalgic junk, in the tape player in our white Corolla Toyota. At first I was skeptical about the album, but then I began to get into the beat, it's all good.

Today I woke up at eight thirty AM, not too bad, because now I have accepted the fact that bygones will be bygones. Yesterday I missed the biscotti making, so I was required to go today. It was in Oakland, and gaaah. Basically I got there late (nine thirty AM), and my dad had to drop me off at the Oakland Buddhist Church before his meeting (also in Oakland coincidentily).

When I got to the unfamiliar church, I meandered around, trying to look like I totally knew where I was going, and, well I was completely befuddled by the churches directions. My dad had to eventually come back, and direct me to the obvious door to my right of where I had been puzzled over for ten minutes. I bid my father adieu' and went inside. Now, if anyone from my church is reading this...well...not good. Whatever.

I am in this Jr. YBA thing, and there are several members from my "chapter" of San Fran combined with Marin. (Note: made up names), there is Jen, Elen, James, Barry, and Toshi. 

Here are some of their characteristics: 
Jen: quiet, dislikes me in some weird vendetta or something, I've felt the hate since I was young.
Elen: for some strange reason, I think she doesn't like me very much. We used to be friends at this summer program, and I hadn't seen her for several years. I actually just met her again in 07' and we talked- a lot. It was cool, but then...we ran out of things to talk about (well we talked for several hours on end on a bus ride). Now we basically don't speak to each other at all. She kind of ignores me, and it's getting on my nerves. When people don't seem to like them, how the fuck are you suppose to get along with them yourself and stay civil?
James: weird man, I must say. He's sometimes nice, and sometimes mean. He seems straight, but may be confused, because everytime he comes to a trip, he has a new "lover" (supposedly fake).
Barry: I went to elementry school with him, and middle school. Never talked with him much. He's fine, civil and all. I can remember that he would chase the girls with a stick in Kindergarden. He doesn't seem to participate much in our activities, but his parents seem like they want him involved.
Toshi: I don't even know if he joined jr. yba or what. He's nice, and yeah. I only met him once, but he is pretty kind. =D

Anyway- it was pretty awkward. In the beginning I was just standing there with gloves, staring at my people [from my chapter]. Maybe ten minutes or so later, I began shaping the biscotti thingy's, it was kind of fun. There was a girl, [let's call her] Kimberly, who was talkative, and had a interesting way of speaking ("legit", "gnarly", etc.). I want to follow her example, but I don't think that speaking like that will make me any cooler (haha). It reminds me of when I tried to integrate "dope" and "bitch" into my vocab. I've noticed that a lot of Japanese, and happa people I know are basically the same...(hardyharhar).

There was a lot of awkward silence, and it was then that I realized that I really was reserved, when strangers were around, which strikes me as weird- gotta remember to look up a self-help how-to later [on being less reserved around strangers]. There was a meeting at eleven thirty AM, but
I didn't go, because my dad was going back to the city then (his meeting was over). 

My dad and I went to get food at the foodcourt in Emeryville, and we ate Indian food. We talked about the movie Persepolis, which I may have mentioned in an earlier post, but I was inspired by the girl who grew up during such a hard time (the Iranian Revolution). I ate Chicken Masala curry with yellow rice, and my dad got lamb shank- they were both delicious, 
but neither of use could finish it! I then went to Borders to read graphic novels, I read "Kaze Hikaru" volume number 7, very interesting. We then left, and I took a nap in the car.

When we got home, I watched some episodes of "Commander and Chief" that we got on NetflixI think that the series is quite addicting to my family, including myself. We used to watch numb3rs, but then we threw out our television...oh the memories *nostalgic look*.

DB, who requested she be called something different, I decided to call her Jane, and her sister Fiona. So Jane called me, and asked me if I wanted to hang out today on Haight. I said that I would call her back because I was watching "
Commander and Chief", and it was a very suspensful part. I then forgot to call her back, so Fiona called me, and I'm thinking, "why is Fiona calling me instead
of Jane?" Then I hear Fiona giving the phone to Jane after greeting me. We agreed to meet at Haight at four PM, but then it became four thirty PM, and then...five..(sorry guys!).

I got to Mervyns (the meeting place), and I waited five minutes- they weren't there. I called their house, and their father told me that they took the bus thirty minutes ago. It only takes fifteen minutes from their house to Mervyns, and I had told them not to wait up, I supposed they left already.

Gaah, no time to finish. One day I'll finish this blog post! I promise dear readers (if there are any). My pa is tellin' me ta' get off da' computa (not really, but just imagine- paint a picture in your mind).

Make sure you read my other blogs! XD



Friday, February 8, 2008

Boring day with a good dinner!

Hello all! I have been looking around blogspot, and I really haven't found any cool features! And I'm relieved, strangly enough. Facebook, has so many cool thingy-ma-jiggies and it really makes me confused sometimes (it even sometimes slows my computer down). Well, I have good news and bad news:

The good news is, that I had the oppertunity to eat great dinner, mushroom risotto and salmon (very good).

The bad news is, that this morning I woke up at ten o'clock, let me repeat: ten o'clock (AM of course). This was so late, and my parents were pretty agitated because they needed to get to work, but they didn't want me to stay sleeping all day (long story). I woke up and I can't remember what I ate for breakfast- oh wait, I do remember *realization*. I ate this apple crisp made by my mother (she forced me to write that just now). 

Wait- there's more bad news! Did you know that citrus and milk are fatal? I ate a pamelo (god I love those things), and there was milk in my apple crisp. Bad bad bad combo. I had a horrible stomach ache all day. I was actually suppose to go to this biscotti-making thing today, but my stomach wasn't feeling so good, so I'll go tomorrow. I actually have to get in contact with someone going tomorrow so that I can get more info on where, when, what, etc. I know it's in Oakland though. I went to eat Soon Tofu at Doobu (a korean tofu restaurant), and I was all excited to eat it until it came, because suddenly my stomach wasn't feeling hungry anymore! I spent ten bucks for nutin', I actually gave it to my mom, but, yeah- ended up eating it all after I got hungry again (haha).

So onto my daily log of my day (hopefully it will become daily, for I do like typing a lot).

As I described before, I woke up late, and ate my poisonous combo (citrus and dairy), and I got the dreaded stomach ache...which led me to skipping the biscotti making thing. I also had fencing practice today (I'm on the team) , but on Wednesday, I sprained my hamstring, and I didn't do anything all practice, so adding to my stomach ache, I also wouldn't be able to do anything all practice, hence, I didn't go. Gosh, there really isn't much to write today...

I brought my laptop to my pa's office and I watched anime all day. "Major" was really good, because I had some catching-up to do, I really recommend it. Generally, anime is what get's me interested in sports, ironic as it is. I played soccer because of the anime, "Whistle", I started my interest in the ever hated volleyball, because of the manga "Crimson Hero", etc. 

Anime and manga have, unfortunately, a very strong impact on my life- which I do not like, but it's like nicotine you know? Forever addicting...too bad there isn't an "anime-patch" (haha). Probably my parents could take away my computer, but I'd find a way...=( 

My friends invited me to go to the beach this afternoon- and I actually planned to go to pick up my stuff anyway, but Perry forgot to bring my shit to the beach! So I refrained from going. Perry and my other friend, Doughnut the Bamboo (for the sake of being short, abbreviated as DB) seemed to have fun though [without me *sulk*]. I talked to DB after, and she personally
told me that it was tons of fun. I like playing at the beach a lot too, with my brother (he is a good servant and a good scavenger as well). I like building motes that hold water, don't you agree?

I have this thing for ping pong, and I normally play during PE, because they bring out the tables when we want to play, but apparently it broke, so we no longer can play ping pong, which was my solitude. I went to the Millberry Union Recreation center, and my brother and I lingered in the Lobby for several minutes wondering what 
we were doing in the midst of all these white people. Finally a woman asked us "how may I help you?" And 
we said that we were interested in joining the center, and they refered us to another woman sitting down next to a computer. We spoke to her for a moment, and she said to us at least five times, "I don't think that this is a good deal for you, uh-uh, you know what you should do? You should come back next year when you're fifteen, because then it will be a better deal."

I'll continue this on some later date, because I need to watch a movie with my family. Ciao 4 now doods

Thursday, February 7, 2008

My first post! yay....

Oh my god! Agh! I'm so mad, I just wrote hundreds of words in this box and...guess what? It's fucking gone! GONE! I pressed the backspace and it went to the previous page, what the fook? Well, might as well start over! *sighs* okay.

Hello, my name is Littleleaf (obviously a pseudonym), I live in San Francisco, and I am in High School. I will make my biography vague enough for you not to be able to identify me from...anything! So, if you don't know, this (wonderful) city of San Fran is infested with asians, and I do mean infested (like bugs), and to clarify this supposed racism, if you haven't guessed- I am asian now *peace sign*. So, now you know that you just cannot identify me from the bajillion Chinese in this joint (SF). I am cool (meaning in asian language that I'm a loser, but you didn't hear that from me). My GPA is that of a stupid person (2.83) but people find it astonishing and mouth dropping that someone such as I would be such a low-achiever.

I play piano (how asian I know), clarinet (used to be in band), and I used to sing. The rest you will learn later on, because it wouldn't be very fun if you knew everything about me would it? Enough about me! Wait, this is a blog about me, so let me rephrase- enough about the past- and let's get on to the present!

Basically a roadmap of my post- I'm going to tell you my day, tell you why it sucked...why it rocked...and then I will go on to rant about something that I learned (hence now believed), and perhaps a philosophical (fart joke) quote occasionally.

As I said before, my computer pooped out and my data from my previous post was eliminated, I don't quite feel the urge to rewrite what happened today in as much detail as before. So for you this may be a blessing. Without further ado, I will begin.

So here goes nothin':

Today there was no school, because it is Lunar New Year (yeahyeahyeah, gong hay to you too). There's no school tomorrow either. This week was a week of CAHSEE testing (high school exit exam), so the schedule was a little screwed up. Yesterday I got out of school at 3:09pm! Let me repeat: 3:09pm! Now this may not seem so bad, but consider the fact that the normal time for dismissal is 2:17pm! Gaaah, it destroyed me! Anywho, today I thought that I would just "kick it" with my friend, who I will now deem as Perry for the purposes of protecting her identity from supposed internet predators.

So Quickly's is the name of this global artifically-made-tapioca (i.e. instant powder) cafe, and it is a place that is near my school, so lot's of kid's (I like to call them teeny-boppers) hang out all the time, majority being asians *cough*.

I agreed with Perry that we should meet at Quickly's so we can get on the bus to go to Clement Street (the "other" Chinatown). I got there right when I said I would (10:30am), but she wasn't there. Now this morning I woke up with this horrible throat ache and stuffy nose, but I still wanted to hang out, so I came, but she was late! And she lived three blocks away from the store! I saw a kid sprinting down the hill with his mother briskly walking in tow, and slowly the "mother" turned out to be Perry- I didn't know who the kid was though. Then when they got close enough to me so I could clearly see their faces, I realized it was Perry and her identical looking little cousin. Apparently Perry's little cousin, let's call him David, had to pee, and also he was coming with us.

I was cool with David coming, because I have a little brother too (who is incidently the same age as David) and I know how it is, when your parents force you to take your sibling along. We caught the bus, and went to Clement. Unprecendented (well at the time) was that David was a little bit...strange, and along the bus ride he used random profanity...etc. I now understand why he's like that (take a look at Perry). We got to Clement, with the intention of later going to Haight street (we never made it).

We went to See's candy to (bribe) give a gift to our teachers (chocolate lolli's) and the See's lady was somewhat of a bitch, because Perry tried to understand their confusing box system when the lady retorted that "I already explain! De ingredient don't fit in dat box! Only dese! Dese are de only truffo dat fit in dis box!" not helpful at all! Certain ingredients only fit in the box? All of the truffles are the same size damnet. We got free samples though, and I didn't have any trouble.

We then went to get dimsum at this place that had a line of people inside. Perry claimed that they had "really good" dim sum, so I went in- trusting her word. I waited a long time, and let me tell you, that the line was quite a bitch. These white ladies talked to us like we were..."natives" you could say, the conversation with them consisted of this:

Littleleaf: Are you in line ma'am? [they were standing right in between the lin and the tables]
Lady #1: Ohhh no, we are just watching!
[Littleleaf smiles kindly getting into line]
Lady #2: You're culture is just so fascinating!
Littleleaf: ehehe...yeah....[turns around]
The End

I'm not even full Chinese. I know I'm making a big deal out of nothing, but yeah, just wanted to share that the assumtion of all asians in a dimsum place are Chinese- is wrong! Chinese people might happen to be in a Chinese restaurant, but it doesn't mean that all the other asians in the vicinity are Chinese! Well, anyway, I think I'm quite racist too, so I shouldn't be complaining, I actually just thought it was kind of funny.

What really gets me, is that I was completely duped at the food place! First I ordered an order of Chive Dumplings and a Lucky Ball (Lau mai bow), and the total was 3 dollars and 20 cents- fair enough I thought...but THEN my bag only had this weird looking fried lotus ball thingy, and well I got my chive dumplings, but they were so small! The line had pushed me out of the joint before I could have a word with the lady (you know how pushy these women are...only interested in business). I later fed the lotus bun to the seagulls and pigeons (I'll tell you about that later).

After we left, we browsed some other Chinese shops, looking for bags to put our chocolate in- no such luck. We were we ate again. We went to this Chinese eatery on the corner (our usual hangout) and I got this delicious tofu and another fried tofu dish, and we sat down. These weird Mexican (not meaning to generalize or anything, but yeah, probably Mexican) guys smiled stupidly at us, (never seen an asian before? geez). We ate, and then got bored. Perry's jook tasted really good.

We decided to go to the Golden Gate Park and walk around. Our original epiphany was to go boating at the lake, but we remembered that we needed a supervising adult over the age of 18. So we just went to walk around the park, walking on fallen logs...and slipping...David was bored, so he just ran home (their house was close) it was then that I found out they were actually siblings (who would've thought?). That was when we went to the lake and fed the birds my lotus bun, and some of Perry's rice cake (only a little, because it was really good tasting for us). We had fun chasing the birds after they flocked together to eat the crumbs.

I had an unexplainable craving for mango's, so we went to this store that sells sliced mango by the box, but unfortunately there wasn't any more mango boxes left, so I bought an asian pear for 70 cents, it was good and juicy. There was this liquor store that we went to, and Perry bought a salt water taffy strip thingy, originally intending to buy a beef stick, but she didn't want to break her 5 dollar bill. The man there was weird, because he told her that she could have both for one dollar, but then claimed that Perry owed him 50 more cents, so she just bought the taffy and we ran away. We were going to buy pho, but then it was closed for Lunar New Year, and we complained that it was a Vietnamese place, and not a Chinese place.

We then went to this cafe to rest and to scope out curly haired men, but there weren't any, and I was forced to buy a diet coke so that we could stay at the cafe. The lady was weird because she came and talked to us...(veeery strange lady- something about throwing a rock at me because I wasn't at home celebrating Chinese New year?) We left, but not before we saw a big- authentic afro man come in (he was white too!) we stared and laughed, and the weird cafe lady thought we were laughing at him, when we were him...haha...yeah...

There's this testing place next to the cafe, and Perry knows them, so we went there to visit, so we wouldn't be disturbed by the weird cafe lady. They had comfy couches (haha how nostalgic). We talked to this lady for a while, and then went to talk to this girl who was a senior at Lowell, and Perry was as sociable as ever. I went bathroom, and it was weird, because the dumpster and the recycling bin was in the restroom too so it smelled bad.

Perry and I parted ways, when a bus came going towards my destination, I ran for it, forgetting that Perry was holding my stuff in her bag- I called her, and I will be picking it up tomorrow. The bus driver was such a bitch, because he yelled at me for not getting my tranfer out fast enough, and for asking if the Limited bus was coming any time soon. *pouts* I was on the bus, and I saw this really funny sight. This skinny tall Chinese guy (obviously the older brother), and his mini-me (reference to Austin Powers). They looked exactly the same, and the kid obviously looked up to his older brother. Along the ride, the kid dropped his gum from his mouth onto the seat, and they laughed, sharing a private joke while I stared at them like the freak I am (while listening to my ipod- they did not know I was watching them). The kid put his gum on the back of the bus seat- gross.

On the bus I called my friend, Vick and I said I was bored. This friend of mine, I hadn't talked to in ages, but she used to be my good friend in Middle school. She told me to call her sister, and I'm like "what? Why in hell would I do that?" but I called her sister anyway (hah), she didn't answer. Vick called me back, and asked me: "how do you say go home in Japanese" and I hear laughing in the backround, and by now I feel like she's playin' with me, you know? I tell her, but the man in the backround tells me I'm wrong! I am wrong? He's supposed to be a Filipino man who I have no idea why he speaks Japanese? Whatever. I hung up as I got off the bus in Japantown.

I went to Nijiya (Japanese market), and I buy candy. As I open my wallet to pay, I am astonished by how much I spent today- 30 dollars, on FOOD. I'm so angry. Now I am at my dad's office typing this blog.

XO Ciao for now- doods. lol....yeah, comp talk doesn't work for me *snaps* damn.