Thursday, February 28, 2008


I've tried and failed time and time again to stay disciplined and be vege-tarian, yet the motivation still isn't there. My relentless attempts at vegetarianism have failed, but I still would like to try something even greater..."veganism". Now you must think I'm crazy - but! I've recently read peoples blogs about being vegan, and it's given me more than an ounce of motivation to try this little "project" for as long as I can (not very long - maybe a month at most?).

Today I felt very stressed out. This morning my mother beat me up in my sleep because I was late for my doctors appointment. We finally got to the doctors office an hour late - and we were unable to catch the appointment (which was re-scheduled to some other date). Unfortunately I was overdue for my second "dose" of HPV Vaccine (i.e. Human Papilloma Virus shot). Now the first shot I believe was the worst, it was a couple months ago I believe in November. The sequence of these three doses go: after the first shot you go to get the next shot in two months, and then after that come back 4 months later - the booster is not recommended. 

I brought a music player in (my dad's zen) and I listened to calming cello music and didn't look at anyone - inflicting pain on my right fist so that I could diverge my attention from the needle sitting next to me. The needle went in, and stayed in for thirty more seconds and as it stayed in my flesh it began to throb terribly - that was when the nurse pulled the needle out - thankfully

I went  directly to school after that fiasco, and my friends (yes I have friends) asked me where I had been in first period, obviously I told them the truth - that I had been at the doctors to get a shot. At lunch my friends abandon me (I guess they're not friends are they?). I meandered around talking to the random aquaintance - how meloncholy.

Math has become much more inviting since I came to the table of this kid, let's call him Jojo. He doesn't talk to me at all. One of those kid's who don't do anything in class. The only time when he talks to me, and even this has been rare for we've established a nodding and shaking head communication system - he asks if he can copy my homework - and I'm like "go ahead", he even let's me borrow his pen. I get so much more work done then I have ever gotten done at any other table (except maybe when I was at this other silent table...but this is recently and there was a silent girl who always asked me for help so this new tables better).
I just read what I wrote just there and wow, I'm such a nerd.

Extending from the "I'm such a nerd" theme, I turned in my mathamatics Honors appication yesterday - I got an "F" in my third grading period - averaging out to a "C" as my final (thankfully), so probably I won't get into the program, but, as I quote the science dept. Head "all we can say is no right? So why don't you just apply?" I got the application for Honors Biology too - I'm behind because I should've taken Biology this year - so now I can't take Chemistry 'till Junior year. Grr.

I had to go to debate today because Santa said that if me and Ivanhoe (my debate partner) came and practiced with Perry and Huwhy then we would both get half tournament credit. Before debate I hung out with Huwhy for almost two hours - we had a long break, because our school ends at 12:40pm on Thursdays, which is usually awesome...if you don't need to stay at school - because then it's just plain boring. We debated and I guess they kicked our ass? I have no idea - 
but we could've done

Oh my god. I was supposed to go to The Urban School for our fencing meet, but my stupid mom was in a meeting - even though she promised that she would come to pick me up from debate at 3:30pm to take me to Urban - so I didn't make it. I just took the bus to Japan town and took my brother to lacrosse. Speaking of 
The Urban
School - I would've bent over backwards to get into that school - I mean every student uses 
Just thinking about it makes me sad. I didn't get in, only on the stupid waiting
list - but the thing is that it's $30k a year tuition, so I guess I saved my family quite a sum of cash.

I slept in the car for an hour while my brother went to lacrosse practice. We then went to In n' Out burger, and it was yummy. Now I'm at home, it has become routine for me to go on my laptop and train my hobo 
first thing when
I get into my house =D. Hopefully it will become routine for me to update my blog too.

I hope I get into Biology Honors, Advanced Algebra Honors, and/or English Honors. 

Ciao 4 now -


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Harriet said...

hey weirdo
i thought you guys did great during the debate. your speeches were a lot longer than tong's and mine combined. >.<
i never use my time well.
but seriously, i'm not just saying it. and ivan's not a bad partner, he surprised me.

anyway, :P
and i dind't think you listen to me when i rant.. on.. and on... and on...