Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dear Curry

Curry is good, but I hate bell peppers, especially the Christmas colored ones. Gahhh, today was a dis-asta', I didn't get my Biology Honors sheet that is due tomorrow, so now I have to take normal 
bio next year. I'm really mad. I went with Bartholomew today to talk to the Science Departments' head, and he told us we couldn't simulatiously take biology and chemistry because it would be too hard. My counselor
came to my Drivers Ed class to give us these sheets for next years classes - and it's so restricted! We are only allowed to take six classes - and that's a full schedule! At lunch there was a debate meeting, and Perry and I found out that our duo meet is this Saturday! And I'm very un-hilarious, I'm a straight faced dumb nut who is frustrated and embarrassed by acting strang (or in my idea what strang is, because even weirdo rejects have their boundries). I've been rehearsing my lines in 
public, so I'm basically talking to myself, I bet I have the reputation of having possibly a loose screw. I talked to my friend today on the phone, but she was not really paying attention so I bid her adieu - then I called my other friend, Orange, and I talked to him of the possiblity of one of our friends, Pilot being hobosexual because he kissed a man to ward off his female stalker (long story, maybe one day I shall share it).

I went to duo practice today, missing fencing - and I'm totally screwed cuz' I was supposed to go to debate tomorrow, but now I don't know. We have a fencing meet against Urban High School, and I'm devastated because that's the school that I would've given my right elbow for to have gotten into. I heard that the best youth fencing in the U.S. goes to that school, I don't know if he's on the team or not. I also have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning, I'm going to miss a science test - hopefully I can retake it on Friday. My dad is going to Chicago tomorrow so I don't know how I'm going to get to school on time (mom can't get anywhere on time if her life depended on it, therefore neither can I - without my father's help).

I have this ongoing urge to become vegan or vegitarian, but I don't know if my parents will stand for it, me being a picky eater as it is. I love fruit and I was recently able to accept soymilk as a substitute, long after I discovered my lactose intolerance...My brother's friends mother was a vegan chef, and her food looked delectable, I had the oppertunity to try some of her vegan tarts - heavenly. So not only more healthy, but also tasty...and also expensive ;p. Who knows, one day you'll see me and I'll be eating vegitarian burgers (never mind, I like those better anyways).

I went to this girl's father's bakery today, and I got some curry - this girl is in my Geometry class and I would never peg her as a bakery-girl, how quant - it was an Irish bakery to top it off. The curry was delicious by the way.

Ciao 4 now -


PS: Orange if you read this you'll know what I wrote, so I shall quiz you next time ;)

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