Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day!

Haven't posted here for a while! Whew, consistancy is my greatest nemesis (hah). Today was Valentines day, the glorious celebration of St. Valentine who helped people get married when there was a ban on marriage (I think). Today wasn't so special. I made cupcakes last night (chocolate), and I planned to give them to my friends- but I ended up not bringing enough, because by third period they were all gone. I actually made a dollar and fifty cents from selling three cupcakes.

I got chocolate from various people, notebly Jane- who gave me rasberry Milano cookies (a whole package!) thank you very much Jane. This other girl in my English class- let's call her Laya, gave me a valentine card (and almost everyone else in the class), which I was surprised by, because I thought she disliked me. In english I also got a chocolate Kit Kat bar, that had a valentines sticker "Unlock my heart" totally corny, no idea who gave that to me (or if it was even for me), but it was on my desk, so I just took it (teehee).

In French we talked, and...talked...I actually had a test in Science today, and I think I failed- because I forgot that fossil fuels are from the "inside" of the Earth, opposed to just geothermal energy (gah). At lunch we hung out in Mr. Stercostume's room, and Jane stole my salad and ran around
the room eating it...all the good stuff was gone, and she failed to notice that there were actually
mini spinach leaves that went with the stuff >=(

After school I went to eat with my friend, Jone, at this place called "Prince Cafe" or something. I didn't want to dissapoint her, so I went along. I had actually been there before (HK style) with my dad, and I hated it. We shared a teriyaki chicken bento, but there was a lot of fat. Jone had to actually ask for our change from the bill, which is ridiculous! We left and went to Walgreens, she bought two packs of giant M&M bags (almond and green), and I bought a giant box of Gobstoppers, as well as a pack of "new" spearmint gum. She didn't have keys to her house with her so she couldn't go home until 3:30pm, when her sister would get home from work. We went back to school on the bus, and we lingered outside of Quickly's, staring at a fob. We then parted.

I watched debate practice for a while- not participating, for I had gone to practice on Wednesday. The topic was funny and Jane said a really funny example: (if my neighbor's window was open and she was naked- of course I would look...) that definately came out wrong!

Anyway- I went to fencing practice and the coach was being a bitch, because he was yelling at (me) and Snowman about not being at practice on Wednesday (debate practice). Snowman was pretty frustrated and pissed, I quote, "I practice seven days a week- and he's telling me that? He shouldn't be saying something like that- our time's not expendible either". I agree with him, I have things to do too.

My dad picked me up and we went to pick up my brother from the polo fields in Golden Gate Park, he was at lacrosse practice. I also got some dumplings that were cheaper because they were closing.

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Erica said...

wow... nice name.. jone... you shoulda just told jone that places sucks. you guys prob could have gone to somewhere else...