Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Guess what? I passed the mile test for P.E.! Whoohoo! I thought I wasn't going to pass P.E. I'm so relieved. I finished all my math homework in class today, it was pretty easy (skipping over a couple of trivial problems...>.>). The people on my table are boring...and not very helpful, not
that I really needed help...I asked this guy in homeroom if he would volunteer to be hobosexual/bisexual for a day so me and my friend would have the experience of hanging out with a gay man...he refused adamently...Ian can be such a fob sometimes ;)

I sold bagels today. Got six of em' from Santa (aka debate teacher). This gangsta' in my French class demanded I bring bagels today, but he didn't buy - and I'm like what the poophole? I listened to my ipod in French again...I'm totally failing - but I'm not learning anything either. I have the "bad" French teacher, but my counselor promised me that I'll have the good one for 3-4 French. I wanted to get French before, but now it's just boring.

ciao 4 now


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Erica said...

yeah.. well.. thanks for your comment now that we have forcherio :P

well.. at least now I NEED help.. hehe and someones there to help me occasionally :D *coughcough*