Thursday, February 7, 2008

My first post! yay....

Oh my god! Agh! I'm so mad, I just wrote hundreds of words in this box and...guess what? It's fucking gone! GONE! I pressed the backspace and it went to the previous page, what the fook? Well, might as well start over! *sighs* okay.

Hello, my name is Littleleaf (obviously a pseudonym), I live in San Francisco, and I am in High School. I will make my biography vague enough for you not to be able to identify me from...anything! So, if you don't know, this (wonderful) city of San Fran is infested with asians, and I do mean infested (like bugs), and to clarify this supposed racism, if you haven't guessed- I am asian now *peace sign*. So, now you know that you just cannot identify me from the bajillion Chinese in this joint (SF). I am cool (meaning in asian language that I'm a loser, but you didn't hear that from me). My GPA is that of a stupid person (2.83) but people find it astonishing and mouth dropping that someone such as I would be such a low-achiever.

I play piano (how asian I know), clarinet (used to be in band), and I used to sing. The rest you will learn later on, because it wouldn't be very fun if you knew everything about me would it? Enough about me! Wait, this is a blog about me, so let me rephrase- enough about the past- and let's get on to the present!

Basically a roadmap of my post- I'm going to tell you my day, tell you why it sucked...why it rocked...and then I will go on to rant about something that I learned (hence now believed), and perhaps a philosophical (fart joke) quote occasionally.

As I said before, my computer pooped out and my data from my previous post was eliminated, I don't quite feel the urge to rewrite what happened today in as much detail as before. So for you this may be a blessing. Without further ado, I will begin.

So here goes nothin':

Today there was no school, because it is Lunar New Year (yeahyeahyeah, gong hay to you too). There's no school tomorrow either. This week was a week of CAHSEE testing (high school exit exam), so the schedule was a little screwed up. Yesterday I got out of school at 3:09pm! Let me repeat: 3:09pm! Now this may not seem so bad, but consider the fact that the normal time for dismissal is 2:17pm! Gaaah, it destroyed me! Anywho, today I thought that I would just "kick it" with my friend, who I will now deem as Perry for the purposes of protecting her identity from supposed internet predators.

So Quickly's is the name of this global artifically-made-tapioca (i.e. instant powder) cafe, and it is a place that is near my school, so lot's of kid's (I like to call them teeny-boppers) hang out all the time, majority being asians *cough*.

I agreed with Perry that we should meet at Quickly's so we can get on the bus to go to Clement Street (the "other" Chinatown). I got there right when I said I would (10:30am), but she wasn't there. Now this morning I woke up with this horrible throat ache and stuffy nose, but I still wanted to hang out, so I came, but she was late! And she lived three blocks away from the store! I saw a kid sprinting down the hill with his mother briskly walking in tow, and slowly the "mother" turned out to be Perry- I didn't know who the kid was though. Then when they got close enough to me so I could clearly see their faces, I realized it was Perry and her identical looking little cousin. Apparently Perry's little cousin, let's call him David, had to pee, and also he was coming with us.

I was cool with David coming, because I have a little brother too (who is incidently the same age as David) and I know how it is, when your parents force you to take your sibling along. We caught the bus, and went to Clement. Unprecendented (well at the time) was that David was a little bit...strange, and along the bus ride he used random profanity...etc. I now understand why he's like that (take a look at Perry). We got to Clement, with the intention of later going to Haight street (we never made it).

We went to See's candy to (bribe) give a gift to our teachers (chocolate lolli's) and the See's lady was somewhat of a bitch, because Perry tried to understand their confusing box system when the lady retorted that "I already explain! De ingredient don't fit in dat box! Only dese! Dese are de only truffo dat fit in dis box!" not helpful at all! Certain ingredients only fit in the box? All of the truffles are the same size damnet. We got free samples though, and I didn't have any trouble.

We then went to get dimsum at this place that had a line of people inside. Perry claimed that they had "really good" dim sum, so I went in- trusting her word. I waited a long time, and let me tell you, that the line was quite a bitch. These white ladies talked to us like we were..."natives" you could say, the conversation with them consisted of this:

Littleleaf: Are you in line ma'am? [they were standing right in between the lin and the tables]
Lady #1: Ohhh no, we are just watching!
[Littleleaf smiles kindly getting into line]
Lady #2: You're culture is just so fascinating!
Littleleaf: ehehe...yeah....[turns around]
The End

I'm not even full Chinese. I know I'm making a big deal out of nothing, but yeah, just wanted to share that the assumtion of all asians in a dimsum place are Chinese- is wrong! Chinese people might happen to be in a Chinese restaurant, but it doesn't mean that all the other asians in the vicinity are Chinese! Well, anyway, I think I'm quite racist too, so I shouldn't be complaining, I actually just thought it was kind of funny.

What really gets me, is that I was completely duped at the food place! First I ordered an order of Chive Dumplings and a Lucky Ball (Lau mai bow), and the total was 3 dollars and 20 cents- fair enough I thought...but THEN my bag only had this weird looking fried lotus ball thingy, and well I got my chive dumplings, but they were so small! The line had pushed me out of the joint before I could have a word with the lady (you know how pushy these women are...only interested in business). I later fed the lotus bun to the seagulls and pigeons (I'll tell you about that later).

After we left, we browsed some other Chinese shops, looking for bags to put our chocolate in- no such luck. We were we ate again. We went to this Chinese eatery on the corner (our usual hangout) and I got this delicious tofu and another fried tofu dish, and we sat down. These weird Mexican (not meaning to generalize or anything, but yeah, probably Mexican) guys smiled stupidly at us, (never seen an asian before? geez). We ate, and then got bored. Perry's jook tasted really good.

We decided to go to the Golden Gate Park and walk around. Our original epiphany was to go boating at the lake, but we remembered that we needed a supervising adult over the age of 18. So we just went to walk around the park, walking on fallen logs...and slipping...David was bored, so he just ran home (their house was close) it was then that I found out they were actually siblings (who would've thought?). That was when we went to the lake and fed the birds my lotus bun, and some of Perry's rice cake (only a little, because it was really good tasting for us). We had fun chasing the birds after they flocked together to eat the crumbs.

I had an unexplainable craving for mango's, so we went to this store that sells sliced mango by the box, but unfortunately there wasn't any more mango boxes left, so I bought an asian pear for 70 cents, it was good and juicy. There was this liquor store that we went to, and Perry bought a salt water taffy strip thingy, originally intending to buy a beef stick, but she didn't want to break her 5 dollar bill. The man there was weird, because he told her that she could have both for one dollar, but then claimed that Perry owed him 50 more cents, so she just bought the taffy and we ran away. We were going to buy pho, but then it was closed for Lunar New Year, and we complained that it was a Vietnamese place, and not a Chinese place.

We then went to this cafe to rest and to scope out curly haired men, but there weren't any, and I was forced to buy a diet coke so that we could stay at the cafe. The lady was weird because she came and talked to us...(veeery strange lady- something about throwing a rock at me because I wasn't at home celebrating Chinese New year?) We left, but not before we saw a big- authentic afro man come in (he was white too!) we stared and laughed, and the weird cafe lady thought we were laughing at him, when we were him...haha...yeah...

There's this testing place next to the cafe, and Perry knows them, so we went there to visit, so we wouldn't be disturbed by the weird cafe lady. They had comfy couches (haha how nostalgic). We talked to this lady for a while, and then went to talk to this girl who was a senior at Lowell, and Perry was as sociable as ever. I went bathroom, and it was weird, because the dumpster and the recycling bin was in the restroom too so it smelled bad.

Perry and I parted ways, when a bus came going towards my destination, I ran for it, forgetting that Perry was holding my stuff in her bag- I called her, and I will be picking it up tomorrow. The bus driver was such a bitch, because he yelled at me for not getting my tranfer out fast enough, and for asking if the Limited bus was coming any time soon. *pouts* I was on the bus, and I saw this really funny sight. This skinny tall Chinese guy (obviously the older brother), and his mini-me (reference to Austin Powers). They looked exactly the same, and the kid obviously looked up to his older brother. Along the ride, the kid dropped his gum from his mouth onto the seat, and they laughed, sharing a private joke while I stared at them like the freak I am (while listening to my ipod- they did not know I was watching them). The kid put his gum on the back of the bus seat- gross.

On the bus I called my friend, Vick and I said I was bored. This friend of mine, I hadn't talked to in ages, but she used to be my good friend in Middle school. She told me to call her sister, and I'm like "what? Why in hell would I do that?" but I called her sister anyway (hah), she didn't answer. Vick called me back, and asked me: "how do you say go home in Japanese" and I hear laughing in the backround, and by now I feel like she's playin' with me, you know? I tell her, but the man in the backround tells me I'm wrong! I am wrong? He's supposed to be a Filipino man who I have no idea why he speaks Japanese? Whatever. I hung up as I got off the bus in Japantown.

I went to Nijiya (Japanese market), and I buy candy. As I open my wallet to pay, I am astonished by how much I spent today- 30 dollars, on FOOD. I'm so angry. Now I am at my dad's office typing this blog.

XO Ciao for now- doods. lol....yeah, comp talk doesn't work for me *snaps* damn.


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mayb3iminsane said...

Gahhh where have you been all my life? Never have I seen anyone with such ridiculously long blog posts before! [even my longest ones back in 7th grade were shorter o_O]

Btw, the CAHSEE's = GAY.