Saturday, February 9, 2008

"It ain't nothin' but a hound dogga'..."

I was listening to some of Elvis' old stuff, and he's pretty good! My mom put an old tape that she found from her pile of old nostalgic junk, in the tape player in our white Corolla Toyota. At first I was skeptical about the album, but then I began to get into the beat, it's all good.

Today I woke up at eight thirty AM, not too bad, because now I have accepted the fact that bygones will be bygones. Yesterday I missed the biscotti making, so I was required to go today. It was in Oakland, and gaaah. Basically I got there late (nine thirty AM), and my dad had to drop me off at the Oakland Buddhist Church before his meeting (also in Oakland coincidentily).

When I got to the unfamiliar church, I meandered around, trying to look like I totally knew where I was going, and, well I was completely befuddled by the churches directions. My dad had to eventually come back, and direct me to the obvious door to my right of where I had been puzzled over for ten minutes. I bid my father adieu' and went inside. Now, if anyone from my church is reading this...well...not good. Whatever.

I am in this Jr. YBA thing, and there are several members from my "chapter" of San Fran combined with Marin. (Note: made up names), there is Jen, Elen, James, Barry, and Toshi. 

Here are some of their characteristics: 
Jen: quiet, dislikes me in some weird vendetta or something, I've felt the hate since I was young.
Elen: for some strange reason, I think she doesn't like me very much. We used to be friends at this summer program, and I hadn't seen her for several years. I actually just met her again in 07' and we talked- a lot. It was cool, but then...we ran out of things to talk about (well we talked for several hours on end on a bus ride). Now we basically don't speak to each other at all. She kind of ignores me, and it's getting on my nerves. When people don't seem to like them, how the fuck are you suppose to get along with them yourself and stay civil?
James: weird man, I must say. He's sometimes nice, and sometimes mean. He seems straight, but may be confused, because everytime he comes to a trip, he has a new "lover" (supposedly fake).
Barry: I went to elementry school with him, and middle school. Never talked with him much. He's fine, civil and all. I can remember that he would chase the girls with a stick in Kindergarden. He doesn't seem to participate much in our activities, but his parents seem like they want him involved.
Toshi: I don't even know if he joined jr. yba or what. He's nice, and yeah. I only met him once, but he is pretty kind. =D

Anyway- it was pretty awkward. In the beginning I was just standing there with gloves, staring at my people [from my chapter]. Maybe ten minutes or so later, I began shaping the biscotti thingy's, it was kind of fun. There was a girl, [let's call her] Kimberly, who was talkative, and had a interesting way of speaking ("legit", "gnarly", etc.). I want to follow her example, but I don't think that speaking like that will make me any cooler (haha). It reminds me of when I tried to integrate "dope" and "bitch" into my vocab. I've noticed that a lot of Japanese, and happa people I know are basically the same...(hardyharhar).

There was a lot of awkward silence, and it was then that I realized that I really was reserved, when strangers were around, which strikes me as weird- gotta remember to look up a self-help how-to later [on being less reserved around strangers]. There was a meeting at eleven thirty AM, but
I didn't go, because my dad was going back to the city then (his meeting was over). 

My dad and I went to get food at the foodcourt in Emeryville, and we ate Indian food. We talked about the movie Persepolis, which I may have mentioned in an earlier post, but I was inspired by the girl who grew up during such a hard time (the Iranian Revolution). I ate Chicken Masala curry with yellow rice, and my dad got lamb shank- they were both delicious, 
but neither of use could finish it! I then went to Borders to read graphic novels, I read "Kaze Hikaru" volume number 7, very interesting. We then left, and I took a nap in the car.

When we got home, I watched some episodes of "Commander and Chief" that we got on NetflixI think that the series is quite addicting to my family, including myself. We used to watch numb3rs, but then we threw out our television...oh the memories *nostalgic look*.

DB, who requested she be called something different, I decided to call her Jane, and her sister Fiona. So Jane called me, and asked me if I wanted to hang out today on Haight. I said that I would call her back because I was watching "
Commander and Chief", and it was a very suspensful part. I then forgot to call her back, so Fiona called me, and I'm thinking, "why is Fiona calling me instead
of Jane?" Then I hear Fiona giving the phone to Jane after greeting me. We agreed to meet at Haight at four PM, but then it became four thirty PM, and then...five..(sorry guys!).

I got to Mervyns (the meeting place), and I waited five minutes- they weren't there. I called their house, and their father told me that they took the bus thirty minutes ago. It only takes fifteen minutes from their house to Mervyns, and I had told them not to wait up, I supposed they left already.

Gaah, no time to finish. One day I'll finish this blog post! I promise dear readers (if there are any). My pa is tellin' me ta' get off da' computa (not really, but just imagine- paint a picture in your mind).

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