Monday, February 25, 2008


I'm doing a duo thematic interpretation piece with Perry, but I'm not sure if it's gonna work out. I memorized my lines (easier then I originally presumed), but it seems that Perry hasn't touched it. I am also going to try to do LD (Lincoln Douglas) debate, which is an individual event, and you get prep time (I believe it is a couple of days). On Saturday Ivan and I won two rounds (three in total for the whole year - fucking pathetic, but I gotta be happy...).

I'm sort of sick of people telling me that I had so much potential as a debater in the beginning...and I quote, "you were the best out of all of us in the beginning - what happened? Weren't you suppose to be good?" Shit, it's not like I tried to dig my own grave. I always respond, "it takes two to tango, it's not like I can debate for both me and my partner..." I'm so stupid for being a fucking retard...always blaming someone else. Of course it's my fault, it's always my fault, it's fucking my fault! We always lose, because I can't contribute enough to cover for both of us!

Okay - I'm calm. Just my expression of frustration. The duo piece that we're doing is called "Superman" by Jules Feifer. It's quite a 
charming piece actually, Perry thinks it's boring. I'm Superman, and she's the mugger and the woman.

Fencing was boring. I always feel like quitting. It didn't help that we ran around the gym and up and around and around the stairs...adding to my stomach ache from eating pho earlier with Perry. I went home and played my new infatuation: Hobowars, you should check it out - best game ever, the only downside is that there's a limit to how much you can do...Awake gauge - anyway it's hard to explain, but you should check it out! (Click on the word hobowars and you should see the page pop up).

Well - ciao 4 now! It's almost midnight - yeesh, what a freak I am to be posting on my blog at 11:48 pm. Is this what I dare say...a true blogger? Just kiddin' I don't blog that much. Hardly at all...unfortunately.

Ciao -


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