Friday, February 8, 2008

Boring day with a good dinner!

Hello all! I have been looking around blogspot, and I really haven't found any cool features! And I'm relieved, strangly enough. Facebook, has so many cool thingy-ma-jiggies and it really makes me confused sometimes (it even sometimes slows my computer down). Well, I have good news and bad news:

The good news is, that I had the oppertunity to eat great dinner, mushroom risotto and salmon (very good).

The bad news is, that this morning I woke up at ten o'clock, let me repeat: ten o'clock (AM of course). This was so late, and my parents were pretty agitated because they needed to get to work, but they didn't want me to stay sleeping all day (long story). I woke up and I can't remember what I ate for breakfast- oh wait, I do remember *realization*. I ate this apple crisp made by my mother (she forced me to write that just now). 

Wait- there's more bad news! Did you know that citrus and milk are fatal? I ate a pamelo (god I love those things), and there was milk in my apple crisp. Bad bad bad combo. I had a horrible stomach ache all day. I was actually suppose to go to this biscotti-making thing today, but my stomach wasn't feeling so good, so I'll go tomorrow. I actually have to get in contact with someone going tomorrow so that I can get more info on where, when, what, etc. I know it's in Oakland though. I went to eat Soon Tofu at Doobu (a korean tofu restaurant), and I was all excited to eat it until it came, because suddenly my stomach wasn't feeling hungry anymore! I spent ten bucks for nutin', I actually gave it to my mom, but, yeah- ended up eating it all after I got hungry again (haha).

So onto my daily log of my day (hopefully it will become daily, for I do like typing a lot).

As I described before, I woke up late, and ate my poisonous combo (citrus and dairy), and I got the dreaded stomach ache...which led me to skipping the biscotti making thing. I also had fencing practice today (I'm on the team) , but on Wednesday, I sprained my hamstring, and I didn't do anything all practice, so adding to my stomach ache, I also wouldn't be able to do anything all practice, hence, I didn't go. Gosh, there really isn't much to write today...

I brought my laptop to my pa's office and I watched anime all day. "Major" was really good, because I had some catching-up to do, I really recommend it. Generally, anime is what get's me interested in sports, ironic as it is. I played soccer because of the anime, "Whistle", I started my interest in the ever hated volleyball, because of the manga "Crimson Hero", etc. 

Anime and manga have, unfortunately, a very strong impact on my life- which I do not like, but it's like nicotine you know? Forever addicting...too bad there isn't an "anime-patch" (haha). Probably my parents could take away my computer, but I'd find a way...=( 

My friends invited me to go to the beach this afternoon- and I actually planned to go to pick up my stuff anyway, but Perry forgot to bring my shit to the beach! So I refrained from going. Perry and my other friend, Doughnut the Bamboo (for the sake of being short, abbreviated as DB) seemed to have fun though [without me *sulk*]. I talked to DB after, and she personally
told me that it was tons of fun. I like playing at the beach a lot too, with my brother (he is a good servant and a good scavenger as well). I like building motes that hold water, don't you agree?

I have this thing for ping pong, and I normally play during PE, because they bring out the tables when we want to play, but apparently it broke, so we no longer can play ping pong, which was my solitude. I went to the Millberry Union Recreation center, and my brother and I lingered in the Lobby for several minutes wondering what 
we were doing in the midst of all these white people. Finally a woman asked us "how may I help you?" And 
we said that we were interested in joining the center, and they refered us to another woman sitting down next to a computer. We spoke to her for a moment, and she said to us at least five times, "I don't think that this is a good deal for you, uh-uh, you know what you should do? You should come back next year when you're fifteen, because then it will be a better deal."

I'll continue this on some later date, because I need to watch a movie with my family. Ciao 4 now doods

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