Tuesday, March 11, 2008


We had a fencing meet/thingy at Raoul Wallenberg today, and we beat them, both girls and boys teams. I saw my friend, who I haven't seen since I started high school, at Wallenberg today- apparently she's on the fencing team. Who would have thought? (We did tend to have similar interests though, so I suppose it's not that much of a shock...) She told me to read her writing on fanfiction, which I will procede to do after I finish writing this entry.

There are usually Dogs' (hotdogs) and virgin margarita's at our fencing meets when we have home  games, so it was a bit lonely without the greasy smell of sausages and the sound of the blender. Today wasn't as bad as yesterday. Although today I went to the doctor for just a regular check-up, for my Physical form was going to expire soon, so if I wanted to go to any summer camps I would need the doctors' permission. My usual doctor was not available so I got this other doctor from the teen clinic (Kaiser P.). I had to pee in a cup, which grosses me out everytime, and then I was asked these questions from the assistant doctor.

Half an hour later, the actual doctor came in, and asked me the same questions that the nurse asked me! Surprisingly, the doctor was very young. She kind of made me a little bit irritated because she was telling me something that was kind of making me sad...to put it lightly. Reality sucks to say the least. She sort of slaughtered me with the reality that I'm really not enjoying something. Honestly I really have no idea what she was asking me to do, something along the lines of, "there is something that is not happening in your life, why do you rush to the computer all the time? Is there something that you're trying to escape?" I have no idea, I just enjoy typing, and writing, and watching anime. For some stupid reason it made me kind of emotional, which really irritates me.

I got some medication for my allergies, and then I had to go get the TB test, because last time I got it I didn't come back to show that the bubble was gone. The test was as I remember it, long and painful. The bubble's basically gone now, just a red dot remains where the nurse punctured my skin. My mom made me a tuna sandwich, which I didn't like, so I didn't eat it, resulting in my incessant hunger signals from my stomach (*cough* growling).

Drivers ed was pretty boring again today, worksheet...the usual. I'm so stupid, I forgot to bring my science book home so now I can't do all of the crossword puzzle that he gave us! Hopefully I'll be able to get the answers via the internet. I also have to formulate my arguments for my Lincoln-Douglas debate today!




mayb3iminsane said...

I agree. Sleep deprivation is bad... Especially as a freshman. I gotta save this for junior year and college. =.= I've been told by someone that doing this eventually weakened their immune system, and they were stricken with mononucleosis... Notice in one of my previous blog entries it mentions that. Damn.
Same here, I work well under pressure and deadlines.

That's um, eerie. But we all have our separate interests... Personally I don't know why reading makes me sleepy. That's why I can never become a writer, although I sort of have a knack for it. 8D

Hah. Depressed, eh? I think your therapist was incompetent.
I've had several sophomores making claims that I'm emo, as well as this Hispanic dude in my P.E. class who's like Ms. Wong's TA or something... Although he's a freshman. And you should know by now that Tong says I always seem so sad/depressed. She still does it! Galen one time questioned whether or not I was emo... Depressed, maybe. Emo? Idk.

Eye muscle surgery is a bit extreme. Indeed. Explains why I'm a visual learner. :]
As far as extra-curriculars go, none at the moment. I doubt I'll ever join a sport. Maybe one or two at least before graduating, a few clubs here and there but as a freshman right now I'm pretty darn apathetic... Don't really like getting involved in all this crap. I don't take pride in this school.

mayb3iminsane said...

I agree, Tong is a little too perky sometimes. But she's a really nice girl.

I'm an Obama supporter, not because of the fact that he's a racial minority, but because of his positions on everything... He seems like he means it whereas Clinton I question her sincerity. it seems as though she's just saying things;; not like she's really going to pull through with them... Hillary sucks, although my parents would rather support her for the most biased reasons ever.
1. She's white
2. This whole experience and being the wife of a former president shit

Good for you! Doing something good and considering joining the eco-friendly club! Bravo. :]
Well our government right now I think is a little in shambles... I don't take pride in this country, because a fucking republican called Bush is running it. Both he and Cheney should be impeached.

How many of your teachers have you asked as far as their political views go? [specifically, who the hell they're voting for]
My art teacher, jeebus, the biggest political news junkie I know. I can't believe I haven't asked her about this yet. I'd be disappointed if she were a Clinton supporter... She seems hella liberal, although I heard on the news that Clinton's really popular with some of the older folks.