Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The bored little bugger...

Today was boring. Perry's ipod was stolen, it was pretty weird. She's now crazy as a bull whose seen blood, she's been randomly pulling me aside and yelling "ipod!" over and over again at random things... My ipod was much more sexy though...

I didn't get into any honors classes. I half got into Advanced Algebra Honors, but now I must take a placement test- which I must study for. I will appeal for English, and my teacher said that there might have been a mistake... For biology, I will need to appeal as well, not getting my hopes up too much. The only reason I would like to get honors in those classes is because I don't want to be in an environment where people "allow" me to copy, or "ask" me if I can let them copy work. It's bad enough that I'm behind in science, if I'm in a room of oafs, I am going to scream. I am such a desperate contradictory bull.

I ate a lot of unhealthy food today. We did LD practice after school, and Perry and I both sucked. I wonder how it will go on the day of the shindig. I didn't go to fencing because of debate, but I wasn't there on Monday, the coach will be pissed, and I'm going to be scared. I'm going to quit fencing after the Galileo match, because it's making my grades suffer, I'm getting acne, and I'm really stressed out. My chronic stomach ailment is very bad when I'm stressed out.

Well, gotta do homework-



mayb3iminsane said...

Dude I'd switch counselors with you anyday... Really need to stop sleeping in class, Caughman probably caught me napping through most of his lecture today. LOL. I'm so gullible and bitchy when I'm tired.

I gotta take regular biology next year! >:[
Being an Azn, I'm not too content with only two honors classes for next year. =.=
What does appealing mean?
Oh, and how did you do on your report card?

Harriet said...

People need to be happier with their lives. I'm not talking about you; just saying in general..

I NEED to be happier with my life. -__- Fuck, I just realized.. I need to get my head into a my chemistry book before my grade goes below a B.

UCLA acceptances came today (not for me, obviously), but i just realized, that THIS and the NEXT is the year I really have to get my shit together.
I would fucking cry if I'm in the same position as some of my friends at this moment.

Be glad; it's just an iPod. You'll live.

harriethu said...

hah, i've made a blog!
though i already have one on xanga.
and i even have one on worddoc. haha