Thursday, March 20, 2008

YAY! 3.5 baby!

I got a 3.5 on my report card, now before you begin to judge, I would like you to look at my previous GPA average to my current one. 2.83 to a 3.5- now tell me this isn't progress. This was all due to "The Bakers" generous grade. He told me that I got a C+ but on the report card I suppose he was in a good mood and bumped it up to a B-, god bless (or Buddha bless, depends on how you look at it). Miraculously I didn't get a single C! The only thing I can complain about is the fact that I was absent once for P.E. without a "re-admit" form, and I got a grade less...I could've gotten a 3.8 but it's still cool.

Today was okay... I had a headache all through 4th, 5th, and 6th period. Thankfully nothing happened that is worth mentioning. My brother is letting me use his Sandisk mp3 player, and I am ever so grateful. I've started to realize that I'm a real loner. My friends Doughnut and Perry have started 
to drift away. Well, I still talk to Perry, but I hardly even speak to Doughnut. It's really sad, because we used to be good friends. And sadly, those are my resident "good friends". I need to find a "good friend" who is willing to give me space when I need to, is crazy as I am, is as serious as I am, has as many OCD's as I do, likes reading, enjoys fun, a coward, and many other things. I wonder if I'm being to particular? I feel it is appropriate to insert the computer talk acronym, lol.

Stroke 9 is a wonderful band. Snow Patrol is giving me bad luck- the last song I played before the said ipod was stolen. I have converted to primitive means of music- burning CD's. It is sad, yet brings nostalgia of my middle school days. I really miss my middle school friends... I can't even speak with them 
normally anymore. I must contact them soon before I lose complete contact.

I have finally decided that I am going to quit fencing. I know that I may seem flaky, and indecisive, well, I am, but I would like to give some reasons that have utterly convinced me to quit. 1. My parents think I should focus more on school because my grades are suffering. 2. I'm getting acne, which utterly repulses me (well on my own face at least), the fencing mask is gross so I get sweat all over and stuff. 3. I'm always tired. 4. The coach is not really the greatest human being, putting it simply and politely. 5. I'm getting sick again- and I don't mean only physically, but my mind is sort of reverting back to "depressed" mode again. Stress has a really bad effect on my body, and also I hate being melancholy. I think that I may be bi-polar, I should check that out. End of reasons.

I need to go do homework now, I'll post in some of my other blogs later-



harriethu said...

congrats on the 3.5!
keep it up, you must.

and dinosaur issue? dinosaurs should go extinct. oh wait, they already are.. but this one should, too. iono what to do about it. i chickened out wednesday..

and doughnut and perry, i'm sorry to hear that.. but i'm sure they'll come back. friends drift, it's like a tide. it goes up and down, and maybe for now, it's on the down end.

life should never be occuring, yet it is. occuring is very shitzay cos nothing different ever happens. i should stop complaining, but i just wish it'd fucing move along...

depression. hah, not depressed. just a bit below neutral. better than apathy, i suppose. at least i still care about things.

harriethu said...

holenuts. haha

i have no idea how that came out, but that just popped into my mind. i think it may be because you mentioned doughnuts...
but anyway, that was cos i thought my comment didn't go through. xD