Sunday, March 16, 2008

Green Tea is awesome!

I love green tea. It tastes good with everything. It's cheap. It has caffeine. It smells good. What else can I say? I used to dislike it, but it's not as bitter as I remember.

Today was boring. I woke up at twelve o'clock pm. I went on my computer all day. I practiced piano for a while. Did some homework. And took another nap. Anime is interesting, so is manga, but it's beginning to become tedious and repetitive, I must find something else to do.

I have decided to learn C and C++ script, so I can become a computer nerd. Who knows when I'll have time to learn it. Perhaps in the summer. I need to formulate my summer plans soon, else it'll rush unto me like last year. Spring break is soon, and my parents said that we can go on a road trip so that we can Outlet shop.

There was a possibility of me going to Japan this summer, but I doubt I will. It takes a lot of cash, and right now my mom is partially unemployed, so we're not necessarily raking it in. I would feel bad to push my parents to fund my expedition... A long road trip would be nice- but you also have to consider the rising gas prices. It's already become regular for a gas station to charge four dollars a gallon!

Hopefully, the library will once again become my sanctuary. Watch out, because I shall be uber intelligent when school starts again! I need to also look into a few summer internship programs, and also summer camps. Sleep away-camps are fun.

Gotta go to bed-



mayb3iminsane said...

It's so fun to begin planning out what the hell we're all doing for the summer... Spring break not so much, with the possibility of a homework load and everything. =.=

Let's hang out sometime during spring break. :]

Harriet said...

dudette! summer interships means applying. applying means deadlines. deadlines mean.... deadlines have already passed.

sorry to say, but many internships have the applications due by jan-marchish.

so.... iono how realistic the intership goal is.. but anyhow, it doesn't hurt to look. i wanted one too... but i waited til end of feb. and i couldn't find any that i wanted. =/

sorry bout your ipod.