Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I have become slowly, tired with fencing. I will finish the season, but who knows what will happen next year. I'll try a little at a club this Summer, and maybe I'll fall in love with it (although I doubt it).

Today I forgot everything! Thankfully I got all of them successfully back.
  1. Forgot cupcakes that I was going to bring to school
  2. Forgot bagels in science classroom
  3. Forgot science book in locker
  4. Forgot knickers for fencing at home
See what I mean?

I have begun to see cool people on YouTube, and I have subscribed to them. British people are cool. I ate Asian salmon just now, with corn and spinach- yum.

I think that I passed my mathematics test- thank god, it may just save my grade. I have a headache, I need to pick up my prescription tomorrow for my allergies. Drivers ed, boring as per usual. 

Guess what? The school library now has computers, new ones too! The internet is pretty restrict-
ed, but I can go on Blogspot, Onemanga, as well as HoboWars. I am happy. This may be bad though, I won't be doing my homework after school anytime soon.

I'm tired.




mayb3iminsane said...

Ahah I can recall in class one time Baker mentioning that he was an Obama supporter years ago.

Oh yeahhh, Clinton's whole physical image is so artificial.
I'm hearing Bush won mainly because of voters in Florida... And how he has relations with either the mayor or governor there. =.= Damn nepotism.
In actuality, he's really not that much of a bad guy... He may be a total idiot nutcase and a crappy president, but Idk about his social skills.
Notice how politically ignorant I am indeed. Jeebus, you were wrong to think I'm so in tune with current events... I'm not joining debate ever.

I agree about the better health care, we really need it as well as a president who can better handle money... Like a national budget or whatever.
Excessive spending of the military is one of the factors that contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire, jeebus. And it's causing turmoil to the US. Yay. T.T

Well, as for honors bio, Adamcik asked if I was interested, though. I kinda rejected his offer a few weeks ago but now regret my decision. On my form to choose next year's classes, however, I checked honors bio. Doubt they'll give it to me, though, since I didn't bother applying... This is the second time I've turned down an offer to apply for honors and later regret it. Math I was quick to say yes. I'm such a fricking Asian.

mayb3iminsane said...

Do Nows:
Friday (3/7/08)- Explain why volcanoes and earthquakes are associated with each other.
Monday (3/10/08)- Good/Bad News
Tuesday (3/11/08)- Define convection current and explain why its important the Earth has one.
Wednesday (3/12/08)- List 5 facts you learned about earthquakes from yesterday's video.
Thursday (3/13/08)- List 10 facts you learned about city water from yesterday's video.

I have my own homework to do, and I never type this shit up... So sorry, get your own damn answers. :]
And those shallow dumbfucks who come in late everyday and on Thursday nights always post a bulliten asking for the Do Nows. They're too vain to just copy down the damn question... After all, it's on the board all day.