Monday, March 10, 2008

Yellow Cupcakes: Not meant to be racist or interpreted in any racist-like way!

I made yellow cupcakes just now, they are tasty, I shall bring them to school tomorrow, be sure to ask me for one!

I felt bad today, like really bad. I didn't want to go to school, but I still did like the conformist I am. I should've stayed home sick. I skipped fencing because I felt REALLY bad by the end of the day. I had a test in Geometry, and I failed it. For example, one of the answers I replied by saying, "He will survive, his feet are big." See what I mean? This was supposedly a group test, but I had to do it all on my own. Additionally, the girl who sit's across from me in my group smelled like shit the whole time, shit being the terrible odor of cigarettes. The people on my table hate me now, because I refused to talk to them. I think they're going to BANK me! Just kidding, just wanted to use that word in a sentence, for I have reached enlightenment, discovering that: bank = beat up/fuck up.
Quite ingenius I must say, the genius that made it up is commended, by me! What an honor.

I was in a bad mood after the geometry test, which was followed by a drivers ed test. Hopefully I didn't fail too badly, half would be good. Maintaining a B is hard enough! I fell asleep after I finished the test, quite relaxing. I keep staring at this guys neck acne, although reasonably attractive, his neck acne bothers me a great deal, so it's a "no". 

I need to play more softball.




mayb3iminsane said...

Thank you! Oh Megumi you're hilarious. 8D
Hah, I would assume the white girl is um, adequately smart... If there even is such a thing. After all, she's always mocking the teacher. Thus providing entertainment for the whole class.

As for long, I agree. When I was in a table with her and Galen, that was when my homework grade really started to suffer... You two definitely chat a lot. :] I can see why you would be even more unproductive if Baker stuck the two of you at a table together. o.O
You genius. Small-eyed Asian sex appeal are the perfect words to describe her so-called charisma... Or as a pessimist would describe it as MANiPULATiON.

Remember at the beginning of the year over Facebook when we were still in the IT's and we would criticize how much of a noob he is? =.= Still is. Unfair and perhaps even corrupt grading system. Jeebus... What a miracle I finally got an A in there, but me scoring 95% and and above on any individual test is indeed a rare occurence. I shall not coast... Damn teachers.

You'll come around soon.
It's a little thing called self-discipline... My Asian parents are not THAT strict, but still, set expectations for yourself... Whatever you wanna do, grades count!

mayb3iminsane said...

Idk if I really am that self-disciplined myself. Dude, for instance, I'm the biggest friggen procrastinator ever... But I make sure to get things done in the time of the deadline, even if it means pulling an all-nighter and completing it last minute. x]
Hmm, are people who are emotive hardcore apathetic? If then, go ahead and call your mind a bit "emo". Just making sure.
Hah! A hobby that will motivate you to wanna go to school everyday. That'll sure be difficult. But some people will usually develop a passion in the VAPA or somewhere in that department.

This optometrist a few months ago recommended that I get eye muscle surgery, since reading something for 10-15 minutes straight makes me feel sleepy. Arghhh. It's different with visuals, however.

Gee, Megumi, I can recall the beginning of the year when you said that I should join debate team... And now you're bringing it up again. I've been hearing that it takes a huge level of commitment, giving up a few of your Saturdays every month and all that other stuff... I'm not much for public speaking.
Visual art is another story. 8D Yeah, I can commit to that.

I'd love to have your parents.
My mom the other night said that she and my dad are kicking me out of the house if I don't get into some kind of college... Grades aren't the problem here. It's an array of damn extra-curriculars that is the problem. If all else fails and I don't get into a good UC like I hope, I'll attempt to get into art school. :] My current teacher better not get laid off before we graduate....