Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Who let the dog out? Hoo hoo hoo hoohoo!

I ate pho today. It was wonderful. Mr. Caughman yelled at me because I had my head on my desk and my eyes were closed, he said I was sleeping - I was definately not sleeping! Guess what? I won my first fencing match today - in my life. WHOO HOO! Yeah, again Balboa!
Happy happy, I am.

Today was pretty good, but I kept hurting my fingers today. I just took a typing test and I can type 71 WPM (words per minute). Now I'm watching "Murder Princess", it's quite good, except for the fact that the bad guys are "cute" and "petty". Fortunately it has become more
"violent". Quote and Quote.

I have realized that my elongated blog entries have started to bore people. So I'm keeping it short and sweet today, for I am tired. By the way - I stayed vegetarian all day (lol), sliced beef eye, and teriyaki beef jerky almost made me relent, but I stayed strong. Yay!

ciao 4 now -


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