Saturday, March 15, 2008


Birds migrate, I wonder why they have instincts.

Today I hung out with Perry. We went to H&M to buy these checkered pants that Doughnut had, but they didn't have it. We then went to the Westfield food court, and ate risotto and salmon, yummy. After that we went to Hollister- as per usual, and Perry bought a tank top while I read skateboarding magazines, and snowboarding magazines. My ipod broke earlier this morning, and I was distraught, I thought it may have been a corrupted music file or something like that. We went to the Apple store, and they fixed it up really fast. Apparently if you hold the middle button then the Menu button, it turns on if theres a glitch. I was happy happy.

Then we decided to go ice skating, but there were only fifteen minutes left in the session, and the next one started at four, which was obviously too late for both of us. Instead we went bowling, and I played the worst game I've ever played. Normally my average for bowling is around 130-140, but today it was on 73. Perry swims so she is buff, she is strong, hence she got a relatively decent score (but I still beat her ;p ). We then went to the play structure and played for five minutes.

We got on the bus to go to this cafe that Perry was raving about, and an old Russian lady helped us in telling us which buses to take to get there. We got there after a lot of time. Perry saw one of her swimming friends and I listened to my ipod. We got to Little Paris Cafe, and we order baked fried rice. It was really good, we were comparing the risotto we ate earlier with the fried rice, pretty similar actually. The restrooms were so-so, no toilet-seat covers, or paper towels.

We then went to the liquor store and bought gum. We chewed the gum as we walked down Noriega. We caught the bus (28) and went to Park Presidio, we went our separate ways, and now I am currently in Japantown.




mayb3iminsane said...

Might I know Perry?

mayb3iminsane said...

Haha you made it obvious in the second paragraph or so.

mayb3iminsane said...

Good point, you know us children... Some of us more sensitive folks actually care about being a burden to our parents.

Majoring in art or even pursing visual art is something my parents really disapprove of. But oh well. You're right;; I'm sure most of us freshman are still extremely confused as to what we want to do after high school.
But I'm definitely applying for an advanced class before graduation. 8D