Tuesday, March 18, 2008

*cough cough cough cough*

I recently discovered something on wikihow- it's called "inter-pals". This site is for people who are looking for "pen pals" globaly. It's quite fun. Asian people are fun, their English isn't that polished, but it is still great. There are Germans...British people...Irish people...etc. Awesome. Anywayz, onto my day.

Thankfully I wasn't too depressed today, I have found that my sorrow from yesterday has, for the most part become dormant. Of course, my ipod didn't show up at school. My friends, sympathized like friends are suppose to...I asked them this question: If you found an ipod video nano mini, with a name and number on it, would you turn it in? I'm a bit disapointed yet, expected the answer. All of them told me that if they didn't know the number, they would keep it or sell it.

One of my friends from English said that he was an electronic trader, and he might be able to get another ipod just like mine in a couple of days... I'll consider buying it.

Christina was in a bad mood again today, "she didn't want to talk about it", but it kind of makes me sad to watch someone be so melancholy and despondent. Mary dyed his hair again- blonde-ish orange. I think Blue likes Lese, haha. Mandy might be gay. Jargons best friend tells me that she has concluded that she's lesbian. People are becoming gay before my eyes. I admit that I may be a bit homophobic, yet I don't have a problem with people who are already 'out'. It's more like people who I thought were straight are actually gay? I have no idea, it's a very mixed feeling thing.

I choked on a piece of tofu as soon as I got home, curse you karma, I should've kept my fork out of the bowl...I've been coughing ever since *cough cough*. Damnet, every one is coughing these days. Perry was coughing all day Saturday and claimed she wasn't sick, so we shared food. I am coughing now and I have a runny nose. Thank you very much Perry >=(.

*cough cough cough cough*



mayb3iminsane said...

I've done this before, and talking about my sadness online in previous attemps have only lead to incessant venting with the mention of names, angry blog posts, and controversy. Blehckkk.

So I'll just generalize it. It's just typical worries/concerns, questioning myself and my potential in this one area, in somewhat of an identity crisis at the moment... In other words, REALLY low self-esteem. Oh, and I'm not sure as to whether or not I had a good friendship end yesterday.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day... Perhaps. Oh, and excuse the fact that I may be overexaggerating here and being too much of a drama queen about my situation.

mayb3iminsane said...

Well part of it was resolved today;; the other part just got worse.

How was your meeting with your counselor anyways (if you went already)? Did you get approved for the honors classes that you applied for?