Friday, March 21, 2008

Stupid, stupid, stupid

Today was not that great. I quit fencing today. The coach is an asshole... So I would like to rant (for that is what blogs are for) so here goes....*takes deep breath*. I took the time to write a reasonably well written letter of apology and resignation from the team, and he doesn't except it- because he doesn't fucking want it! I bought candy for him so that it may help quell a bit of his anger, but I didn't feel like it was necessary any more, because he was being such an ass. When I told him the reason for my quitting, he just tossed my explanation, and told me these words verbatim, "No- you aren't quiting because your parents want you to, you just don't want to anymore since you're all over the place". What the fuck? I mean, sure, I'm not that great, but you don't have to say it as if I'm quitting just because I suck. I'm quitting because the coach sucks, and I'm getting stressed out (look to my post from yesterday to find more reasons). It really irritates me, and I kind of got upset, as I left I was pretty angry, but yeah...

I left the school and I got to the bus-stop, but then I realized that I had lost my wallet, so I couldn't even get on the bus. I saw my friend Elaine and asked her for some mullah, but she didn't have any to spare. So I decided to walk to Japan town, 40 something blocks, down Geary street. Thankfully I saw a couple more of my friends across the street and I ranted to them about the whole fencing incident, and it helped me blow off some steam. Marcus and Genie lent me money, and I took the "1" bus down California with them. Big mistake. I forgot that my original destination was for the Union Square Borders. I then got lost after my friends got off the bus and I stayed on. So it turns out that the place I got off the bus was right near my church (haha, thank Buddha). I made my way to Japan town, broke as hell.

Now I'm at NJAHS and writing this blog- and guess what? I found my wallet in my pocket! (You're probably thinking, "what a ditz", well I am. What of it?)



mayb3iminsane said...

Haha chyeah. Kevin was hilarious with his incessant comparisons... Well Tong's table in general were snatching my test away from me to look at it. I myself was surprised at the score. o_O LOL.

Yeah like I said today, something fun and not typical like movies, shopping, or Downtown. Shopping definitely no with you (no offense). And don't worry, I'll never drag you to an art museum... I don't care much for museums myself partly due to heavy ignorance. Maybe taking an AP art history course before graduation (simply for the hell of it) will open my eyes a little and get me interested. Until then, let's be teenagers. 8D

harriethu said...

I would love to call you right now, but my mom (being the insane mother that she is) told me to study.
seriously. i was like "WTF, you have got to be joking"

anyhow, um. it's done. dinosaur is done. we talked today. let's just keep it short and say i ended up tearing/hugging a whole lot of people for the rest of the shitty day.

I'll call you tomorrow. we should talk.

mayb3iminsane said...

Oh God of course she'd drag you to a mall from time to time... Remember last Saturday?

And of course I'm against the war. It's immoral, illegal, and total bullshit. Bush theorized that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Well surprise, surprise. They didn't... And they let this whole fiasco go on for 5 years now, with the approximate US death toll probably reaching 4000 by the end of this weekend. It's for oil. Sucks. Your stance on the conflict?