Thursday, March 6, 2008

Delicious Salmon and Risotto

Mmmhmmm. Food is a wonderful thing. Today Santa explained LD debate to us - we have two weeks. The topic is something along the lines of how Hate crime enhancements are unjust. We have to argue on both sides (neg & aff). I don't have a partner so I don't have anyone to blame my loss on. Today was pretty bad. I lost BOTH of my fencing matches against University High School, which resulted in the girls losing to them. They had printed knickers! Rich people *mutters incoherantly*. I walked with Perry to her house, but her mom apparently won't let me in. Something about not trusting people very much? Strange? yes. A problem? no. My friends haven't come over to my house in years - it's too much to clean up my house.

We ran half a mile for P.E. today. I have a French test tomorrow. I'm so angry. I had anticipated getting at least a "B" in math, but I got a "C' which is pure bull crap! The teacher bases too many things on the tests! I'm just not good at taking the tests. My friend Ally wasn't having a good day, and it seemed pretty crabby, but all in all, I think that she'll make it. My heart goes out to you Ally.

So I'm trying to get as many of my friends/aquaintances phone numbers, and I got three today! This guy who sit's in front of me in Drivers Ed, Blue, gave me a false phone number before - but now he gave me a real one...which I called to verify...during class *gasp* "uh oh", luckily his phone wasn't taken away. I also got Paleman's phone number, and Laine's. I must sell bagels tomorrow.

There's this whole dilemma with best debator of the year, and my friend really wants it, hope she doesn't hate me for it.

I've been reading a lot of jokes lately. I have no fucking life. WHYYYYYYY?

Ciao fo now yo -



mayb3iminsane said...

I agree, he really does base a lot of the math grades on tests. =.=
Explains why geometry keeps me from a 4.00. Rawr.

Harriet said...

ehh... i doubt she'll hate you over a trophy.

Harriet said...

i don't get how my name shows... when i don't even have a blog on blogspot.