Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bored bored bored

I actually looked up on Google, "what to do when you're bored", it came up with some interesting ideas! I think I'll try one right now, well once I finish typing this blog entry. So, another day succeeding to abstain from meat! I went to debate practice today, and we were severely reprimanded by Santa, because we were the Aff, and me and my friend (first time ever being partners) defined a metaphor topic as a value, apparently "topicality". Our opponents didn't mention that until the end, so the judge would really consider it "new information" in the rebuttal.

Everyone blames the topic, but initially it's the actually people who define it funky (i.e. the aff). I think threes a saying, "don't hate the man, hate the game" or somethin' along those lines. My grandpa who makes din-din for my family every night heard that I was a vegetarian, and he's making efforts to change his menu, or at least compensate with a meat alternative. Although I appreciate the effort, generally meat alternatives (tofu chicken) taste pretty weird, not at all like real meat.

I accidentally went to far down Geary, and I got off at 6th and walked to Starbucks on 19th - on the way I talked to Orange for a while - but unbeknown to me the constant beeping sound on the phone which was assumed to be a "out of area" signal, was actually my dad calling me. Finally my dad picked me up, after much trouble on both our parts... He was really tired so we had a silentish ride.  We went to Borders because I needed to look at some books for homework. I did some
research on Global Warming, Global Cooling, and Climate change - and I feel that it seems like a joke ^.^ or at least majorly exaggerated. So gotta go and try those "what to do when you're bored" things.

ciao fo now fo shiz -


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