Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Brief Summary of Break and April Fools Day

Title: Jealousy Blackens the Heart
I haven't updated recently, that is because I am lazy. I apologize that I don't have a more worthy excuse, but it's the truth. I have been thinking recently, and it seems that I lose at everything. I am no good at anything, and I am truly beginning to doubt myself. Well, let's say that I'm decent at most things if I try, but I cannot get *better*! In fact, even if I'm good at something to begin with, I will eventually suck at it (compared to all the other improving stars.)

Today there was the greatly anticipated Lincoln Douglas debate was today- and I lost both of my rounds, not advancing to the third. Perry won one round and went on (she won two, as I later found out), thankfully I got to go home.

So in the title of this blog entry is "jealousy blackens the heart", and what I mean by that is my evil thoughts of a certain individual I know. "It" is very good at everything (in the exception of cooking), or has talent in almost everything to rapidly improve. It is very charismatic, and reasonably attractive (personally, not really, but other's seem to think so). Sometimes it just makes me mad- but I absolutely hate saying bad things about behind people behind their back, but recently it's a bit of a habit. I am not pointing a finger at anyone, but anyways, yeah. Enough venting.

So I can embed this, but I can't write anything else- I'll post in an hour or so (if I remember).

I have come to a conclusion- I live my life as a very sad person.

Anyway, that was just a post I started the other day, just didn't have a chance to put it up.
I've been watching a lot of anime recently. I love soccer anime, and historical, but it's really getting in the way of my life. I put a couple of video's up on YouTube to test out my video editing software (moviemaker), so they're just slideshows of pictures...

A while ago, I uploaded a video of me singing the twelve days of christmas, I'll embed it here if I can...


harriethu said...

You're such a cutie.

And referring to the point that you aren't getting better.. don't be so hard on yourself.
You just have to find what you're good at, or... find something that will keep you going/trying, don't get discouraged.
As long as you still care about it, it'll come around.

And look at me. Stinkin' Propster just told me the other day that I sucked. cos I got 2 D's in the critiques. "What event are you going to do next year? You sucked in oratory, and now in parlimentary debate too. Look at all the D's you got." -__- And "Perry" got 1 D, but since it's her, everything is good and shiny.
Sorry, I'm bitter, but with good reason. :P

Anyway, don't be so down. I think you're quite amazing.

Christina. said...

Hah! Thank you Megumi.
Drawing the whole thing took a lot of thought... Pieced together, it is supposed to proclaim a message stating that America is fucked up. I think I implied it pretty well. 8D