Monday, April 28, 2008

私は私の人生は非常に退屈で死ぬだろう! ---> 我的生命是如此沉闷,我会死!---> 내 인생은 너무 지루, 난 죽을거야! --->

I'm so bored! I need to figure out a way to pass time without feeling stupid. I think that when I buy my road bike I'll bike all over town to pass the time. I just finished the math test that I had to make up from Friday (when I was sick). During fifth period I looked at the problems and I was very stressed out, but then when I didn't finish and I came back after school to do it, it seemed more simple than before. I thought that it was pretty difficult, but there was a way to do it...

私の人生を取得する必要が...really now...

I was so pissed at my mom this morning, because it was her fault that I was late for school. It did, in a sense, ruin my day- but now I think my anger has simmered down a bit. I think that I will try and ignore her a little longer. Perhaps she'll feel guilty and buy me a popsicle! -.-


Anyway, I won't even be able to view this post on my computer, because all these characters will just be bolded little lines. Oh well.

I think that I'm starting to get annoyed 恼怒的 by some of the people in my classes...>.> *shifty eyes*. I think that I'm very irritable. It saddens me.




harriethu said...

I'm very irritable too.
Who cares what they think.

harriethu said...

btw, are you alright? I didn't really bother to look at your title earlier, but now I just noticed your chinese.

and why japanese, chinese , and korean?

Christina. said...

The math test, eeeeek. =.=
I wonder if my advice after class helped, you know about the auxiliary lines on #4.

Christina. said...

Hah! I remember CAHSEE week and falling asleep halfway through the first part of the English language-arts portion. Bad, even if we were given ample time to complete the damn thing.
I'd love to know how I did on that individual test... Math teachers tend to finish grades so quickly, thank God. They have the easiest job, after all.

Hey, as far as my cynicism being seen as profound by some folks, you succumbed to it when analyzing my poster that I pulled an all-nighter working on. Hahahahah.

Christina. said...

Yes, someone else saw my poster from your same perspective. :]
As for the geo test today, it was relatively easy... A lot of proofs to justify and complete (started to get on my nerves after a while), but overall it wasn't that hard. Just a little tedious and annoying. I'm not Richard... I don't go to KUMON, so I'm not that smart. For heaven's sake, I'd threaten my mother at this point if she even considered entering me in some after school learning program.
Your opinion of the test?