Thursday, April 24, 2008

In the Crapper

I find it a bit pathetic for me to write a blog entry at school...right after the school library. I know what you're thinking- shut up. So today was uneventful. I woke up, and my dad wasn't here, because he went to LA yesterday morning. My mom, being the person she is, made me late. Although I say this, it was also my fault. I woke up and did all the morning shit and then I tried to find something to eat, but there was nothing so I began to eat some shit that I found in a plastic bag. I basically only ate dried mangos. Despite the fact that I was late for school, I was pretty impressed with the haste "awakening". She normally slaps me, but today she just yelled at me at shoved me.

We had to run in P.E. today, and it sucked. I was late so I didn't have any time to dress, but I still needed a running grade so I had to run in my JEANS that were falling off my ass, for a ¾ of a fucking mile! I don’t sweat while I’m running, it’s when my heart catches up to me I begin to sweat profusely. Whatever I did pretty well if I do say so myself- I ‘passed’.

I’m still reading my book (The Dark Fields) and it’s pretty good, but it’s getting sort of boring. When I take too long to read a book I get sort of tired of the whole concept of the plot, I think I’ll finish the book today though- I only have about 20 pages left to read.

I feel like eating raw snap peas right now.

I need to start reading the other book that I borrowed from the library called “The Black Mirror”, I thought the plot wasn’t mediocre, but not anything too extraordinary either. The only real reason I got the book is because I thought that the girl on the cover was Asian…which she isn’t [I later found out], I know I racially based that, but it wasn’t in any way “racist”. I think it’s just unusually for the protagonist to be Asian in teen books that I’m partially interested in reading.

Perry reminded me that I signed up to volunteer with her and Jane on Saturday. My mom was making these plans to go watch my bro’s lacrosse game in Napa, but I suppose those plans will fall through… Apparently I need to get to Fort Mason at 7am and then we’ll be able to leave at 4pm. It’s fine, because it was me who actually signed up and decided I wanted to do the “March of Dimes”.

School was always boring (excluding 6th grade), but right now it’s the most monotonous thing that I’ve ever experienced besides the time that I tried to analyze patterns in stock fluctuations in the newspaper…which was futile by the way. I don’t know how to liven my life up. Anime and manga plugged the void quite well, until I watched, and read everything that I was interested in. I suppose that now I’ll try books.

Internet programming is so boring, but I really want to learn. Learning and mastering are two different things (obviously). I would do many things, but there are two things that stand in the way: 1. Procrastination, 2. Boredom. I’ve tried many things, but I get bored VERY easily. Doctors and psychologists have considered that I might have ADHD, but I was never really tested.

I have a philosophical question for ya’: DO AMERICANS DESERVE FREEDOM?

Maybe I’ll reflect in my random thoughts blog later.


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harriethu said...

Yeah, LA in spazzin' MAY! :D

That's two days from the speech dinner, .... I think I'll be still talking about it. :P

and let your hair down one day, it looks really nice, a bit girlier, but nice.