Monday, April 14, 2008

Cold Sore Cold Shmore...

I'm getting sick, and it ain't pretty. My hair is a mess from sleeping in the car, and I think that people looked at me funny while I slept in the car near the entrance of the library. I am once again at the wonderful library. I bought this coffee from the espresso machine, and it was SO sweet, and sweet as in the sugary sweet, not the gangsterish originated term...

Today was mediocre, but not horrible. I trudged through the day with little optimism... I decided in English (4*) that I would draw (colored) caricatures of people for money. No one bought any from me, but being the loser that I am- I gave them the thing anyway. I bet they through it out afterwards, but who gives a shit anyway? The hard, backbreaking labor of a lonely and pessimistic artist is worth nothing to those ignorant people who wouldn't know a Picasso from a kindergartens’ drawing (A/N: I don't know either). Lunch was pretty lonesome, because it seems like Ms. Jacobs is evading/avoiding me. I couldn't find Perry & Donut at lunch because neither of them had phones on them. I went to the library (again) and played hobowars. I also eavesdropped on this convorsation between a half-retarded Asian kid and the lunch librarian. The conversation is as follows:
Half-retarded Asian Kid: Can I restart this computer?
Lunch Librarian: No, just go to a different computer.
Half-retarded Asian Kid: but...this computers so slow! You need to restart the computer in order to clear the (blahblahblah- probably something about RAM).
Lunch Librarian: N0, you don't need to do that- these computers are slow at school!
Half-retarded Asian Kid: But I want to restart it-Lunch Librarian: No- the computers here are slow, just like everything else in this school.
Half-retarded Asian Kid: You can restart the computer and it will-
Lunch Librarian: Honey, I'm telling you that the computers are slow in here. (She's starting to sound a bit irritated and hostile.
This goes on, and it get's boring, but you can get the idea. I think that the lack of content in this conversation represents that both of these people aren't very intelligent, and they obviously don't know how to have a comprehensive conversation. Neither party knew how to listen! That woman was a teacher! Gah, it just irritates me , because it seems like this happens often.

I was turning in my application for the other day for City College for Teens when the woman who was working there was talking on the phone to a girl who was inquiring about the very program that I was applying to. Her conversation seemed at a decent "informative" level, but then she started repeating the same thing over and over and again. Either the other party was completely not listening or, they just are retarted. The lady she was talking to was a mother too! I'm just always surprised at the level of comprehension of most adults! Sorry- just another part of my OCD coming on.

There is this march called March of Dimes, and Perry and Donut are doing it so they asked me if I wanted to apply. They went to TestMagic to fax the application over, but the fax didn't seem to work? She just make-shiftily put my name on her application form. Hopefully it'll work out. We got a tapioca drink at Quickly's and Perry and Donut teased this guy Daniel a lot about being a FOB. We then left and went to eat Pho. The pho was good and it was split between the three of us- $2 each- not half bad. My mom picked me up and dropped Perry and Donut off at their houses, which were a couple blocks away...-.- lazy bums.

I think that days like these frustrate me a lot because it just reminds me of how boring my life is. I was also looking over the Obama plan's for issues. Although in the past I was saying that I didn't like Obama, his plans are pretty darn solid, not to mention the "morally correct" side of it too. If I talk about my conservative views on the bus I get stink-eyes. Sometimes it sucks to live in SF.

Honestly but not my heart-

(That was lame wasn't it?)


Christina. said...

Hey, I don't blame the stink-eyes you get on the bus. San Francisco is full of liberal, tree-hugging, save-the-planet hippies (i.e. AHH NEVERMIND!).

"The hard, backbreaking labor of a lonely and pessimistic artist is worth nothing to those ignorant people who wouldn't know a Picasso from a kindergartens’ drawing (A/N: I don't know either)." <--- HAHAH.

Christina. said...

The way certain people speak does annoy me as well... Indeedy. "Like" has become such an overused term, perhaps it's a mechanism people use to avoid going into any actual stimulating conversation. Pffffft.

Yeah, going with your gut. Nice.
You REALLY want me to do debate, huh? Tell you what, I'll try it maybe one of these years... Just to see how I like it and maybe to earn extra credits for college. Ahah.
And as far as AP art history goes, I haven't heard anything about the program either. Wierd how neither one of the two VA teachers instruct it, since they're likely to know more about art than the idiotic moron actually teaching the AP history course. Shoot, I actually enjoy the rare writing assignment opportunities we get in art! HAHAHAH. Yes, I'm wierd like that. I'd write an essay for that class anyday.

Christina. said...

Haha yeah your subtle sarcasm sometimes, if not understood by your audience, can pass as sortaa personal inside joke. =D
LOL not only were there two "likes" in your statement about SF, but it was also a bit of a contradition indeed. Why not just call our city neutral?
WTF? An after-school class? Which we get graded on? Forget that. I'm not wasting my time commuting that far, much less a school that is already all the way across the fucking city.
Sorry about the double comment thing. I see it as being sort of a bad habit. And yes, I agree that a majority of our convos do have the afterthought that our country sucks.
Damn I keep thinking back to that drawing I did. It was a submission piece for this bus shelter contest...
You ever get so pissed off because you turn something in that just wasn't best work, that could have been improved by A LOT if you were just given more time? Ugh. Shit, the teach' turned in less than 10 entries (including mine which she loved), but I saw it as incomplete... WTF I blogged an entire entry contemplating about this. =.=

Christina. said...

Your inside jokes are, eh. I'm not so good at reading between the lines (critical thinking). In fact, I had to ask what "read between the lines" meant. =.= My dumbass.
Wow, Megumi, your italicizing the word ecological really emphasized something. And I love how you're beginning to look at the drawing my way. We had a little discussion about my submission piece one lunch period... I even asked the teach' if it was overly cynical, let alone pessimistic. She disagreed, saying that I'm looking at our country's situation realistically. Hmmm... Then asked how the hell I'm so "educated". My ass. Damn optimist.
Yes, indeed, it would definitely revise our city. HAHAHAH. Unless it is deemed inappropriate by the curators first and sparks a whole lotta controversy with viewers.

I agree with what you said about time and improving your work... Maybe sometimes I set too high of standards for myself, that I can't even live up to.
Try harder. I hate to say it, but you do seem to half-ass a lot of your work.
Hah. Yes. Which explains why this world is so fucked up. Humans are neurotic.