Friday, April 11, 2008

*Yawns* Uber Tired

I slept for almost three hours in the car. Gah lee. I still feel tired, so I'm going to go to sleep in about an hour. I'm volunteering with Sal tomorrow at the Women's film festival, and I don't want to be yawning the entire time. I'm hungry and tired- what a combination.

I say this every day, so it must mean somethin', but...I'm losing confidence in my friends to keep, well- confidentiality. I tell someone something, and I expect that the insults and back-talking would be kept to themselves. Obviously we don't have a mutual understanding. I really need to find a friend who is a loner and who hates talking- then I can talk to them without the worry of it getting out. Sometimes my friend irritates me. Harry kept saying that Perry was annoying yesterday because of the Dinosaur incident that Perry did for a joke. I sort of felt that 'annoying-ness' today.

All my classes were decent. The only thing is that I thought that I wouldn't be able to turn in certain assignments, but at the last minute the teacher pushed back the due date. This happened in both my science class AND my English class.

Geometry class was okay, Cinderella is always amusing, as well as the stuck-up Mighty Giselle. Christina seemed to be in a better mood too- it must've been the burrito. I know it! Baker wasn't so happy though, a bit pissed off-ish to me. Hey- I would be too if I was a newbie teach' and I had these non-honors classes with delinquents are the occasional smart-alec Asian (MightyG). 

The algebra test is next week on Wednesday. Must study.

In Career I read a book and then talked with Andy, Nathan, Justin, and Jane Andy wasn't to be messed with? Haha. Something about virus's and hacks, and the "POSTCARD" email virus that is international. Apparently, Andy's friends made it...(which is not very believable of course, but we always take his bull). We ended school by going outside to look at the MADD car exhibit outside our school. It was a Mercedes-Benz that was crushed from drunk driving. If I was in the back seat I would survive, but the seat belt in the front seat would do N-U-T-I-N-G!

I hung out with Donut after school for a bit, because I wanted to stalk Perry with her date from SI that she met at NFL LD. We lost her after a while, but I got an awesome mango tapioca smoothie. I was talking to Donut, and miraculously Perry got word of something I said about her. 0.0, is she psychic? I don't Stink So! Cuz' yeah, a bit irritated by that.

I went to J-town and got a mango shaved ice, but unknown to me, I had dropped my money along the way, so I didn't have enough cash to pay for it. The nice Japanese lady said I could just bring the money some other time. After that we left Japan-town. I slept for several hours, and currently I am writing this blog post.

I'm also reading this book I randomly picked out at the library last night. It's not too bad, it's called "Scorpia" by Anthony Horowitz. Apparently this book is a series, and my brother reads well as Calvin, some strange dude who sits in front of me in Career. He kept staring at my book while I was reading it. Peculiar man, he is.

Copy That,


Christina. said...

"...a friend who is a loner and who hates talking..." Hhmmmm.

Ewh, Mexican food. Rarely do I ever crave it, though.
I'd love to know who MightG is.
Agree with cha on the newbie teach' thing, hahah. Been lazy on the homework this past week...

Christina. said...

Hah, my friend who I've known since preschool is going to that concert (I just found out this afternoon, what a downer) with another girl who I know from elementary school. Jesus. They're fans of Panic! At the Disco. Punk rock is so ehhhh... The group has become so mainstream, they haven't really maintained their original sound like they did in the beginning... Damn coporate system. Once they moolah comes rolling in, they'll succumb to anything.

harriethu said...

Let me reiterate, I do not understand why you hang out with her. Sigh* I just do not agree with the way she lives. :P

And.. for the confidentiality thing, I hope you don't also include the roundhead kid in that. If so, sorry, I just didn't think it was going to have an effect on him or you or your acquaintance-ship.

Christina. said...

Yes, very sad indeed. Panic! At the Disco belongs to an independent record label, Fueled by Ramen, but some of the artists signed to that label have achieved great success in the music industry... For instance, having their music played on MTV and other well known television stations. =.= Me, personally, have lost all respect for bands that sell out. It's more important to have your own voice... Screw those who surrender to the corporate system. Perhaps it's why I've become so into indie music lately...

You're right about Richard. I sit behind him in English, and my he is the epitome of a know-it-all.

The whole reason why I quoted the part about a loner friend who doesn't enjoy talking was because I match that description quite well... Idk if you have noticed. Ehh, I'm not very social and never have been. My tolerance level is pretty low, I consider myself unfit for human contact much of the time... I'd hate to conform and constantly have to worry about appearance and dating, relationships, etc. It's stupid to me. I'd much rather be a loner than have to tolerate friends whose lifestyle I don't agree with. So what? That deems me a social outcast? Whatever...
Coming here was a big mistake. I'd fit in better at SOTA.