Friday, April 25, 2008

Negative: FuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuck...etc

Oh my fuckin' god! I didn't wake up this morning, and I just woke up...and it's a Friday. AND it's the last day of the grading period, and I didn't turn in my fucking math assignment homework sheet. He can't count my homework then, and I'll get an F, and if I'm lucky a D-. I'm going to go try and see if he's still at school and bring the sheet. I'm crossing my fingers.



Christina. said...

For the record, it's the tests that count a lot towards your grade. I recall you bitching about it one time, and I can relate. Damn noob grading system.

And we've completed about three units this grading period. There were a a fair amount of chances for us to improve our grade... One unit's worth of homework shouldn't hurt your grade THAT much. In the worst case scenario, you might end up dropping down to the C range if you were going to get an 'A' in geo. Damn free rides. Anyways, don't sweat.

Baker was pretty serious about the individual test today... Keeping such a stoic face at the end of the period when a bunch of people were still not finished with their exams.

Christina. said...

What "personal" reasons are you talking about? Specify, please. I'm a little confused here. Did you even get a chance to take the test? Nice to hear you're not as apathetic as you were last semester.

Yeah, pick up a hobby. As for the Day of Silence, it has its pros and cons. It's definitely being a little passive and holding in our true feelings about LGBTQQ people, but at the same time sorta pays tribute to those who have been the victims of hate crimes. Ya know the traditional moment of silence for people who perish in certain tragedies? Yeah, sorta like that.

I've always been pretty grade-conscious. A little moreso now than ever... Damn. I'm gonna be such a nerd next year, cause' sophomore year focuses primarily on academics. Fuckkkkk. No way am I maintaining that 4.00 this quarter... Adamcik brought it up earlier this week, and I've been thinking about how many chances we're given to improve our grade in each one of our classes. A lot of chances in his, fair amounts in another four, but hardly any in ths one other class for me. It's not fair.

harriethu said...

You're damned funny.

I'm unsure how someone can be in bed for more than 12 hours after a normal day. Peculiar.