Sunday, April 27, 2008


I really want to start doing more crafts. How is it that I'm always uncertain, yet so confident at other times. Why must I always contradict myself? I get so angry and irritated at my mom, but I feel bad at the same time that the way
she is, is the way she is. My life is derived from hers, yet I get so irritated day after day, and I sometimes don't know how to deal with it besides slamming my fist into the door, or shouting at the top of my lungs. I suppose I'm pretty irresponsible in the sense that these are brief tantrums and I should be able to deal with things like this in an adult manner but...*sighs*.

Anyway, I made chocolate chip cupcakes and they're very bitter, but my brother and mom like them so I guess my taste buds are lacking in judgement skills. I didn't use self-rising flour, nor did I use fine sugar. Today I just stayed home and did nothing.

I talked to Harry on google chat for a while, but that was really just the peak of my interaction with other human beings. My grandpa tried to engage me in a little lecture, but I just ended up nodding and slowly inching my way out of the kitchen. He was telling me how my cousin Joy got a job even before she graduated and "that's the way it's suppose to be", you know the normal Chinese spiel. He also said that being and engineer was "steady" and "good", not as good as being a doctor (and that's verbatim). Apparently being a doctor requires you to be "loving" and "gentle", and you'll be able to a good doctor if you can do those things. I added as I walked out that you must be very smart too, and he heartily agreed.

I didn't leave my house at all today, I feel; like a sloth. If I had a a pedometer on today I probably would have seen that I walked less than 100 steps, when the normal "healthy" number of steps would be 10,000. How sad, I pity myself.

My aunt gave me these awesome boots from her aunt (my great-aunt), and there are three exact pairs in three different colors. They're knee high, and a little bit difficult to wear because my feet are larger than my aunt and great-aunts. Whatever, I'll break them in.

Yesterday I didn't post because I was so exhausted from hanging out with my aunt and volunteering with Perry and Jane. We didn't really do anything and really overall boring, but in the end we got a mass load free bagels, and many soda's. There was a lot of leftover food. I also got a free t-shirt. I don't even think that we were slacking off. I saw the some ROTC people volunteering from Wash- Pilot, Maten, Jaz...and their friends.

I really wanted to make ice cream today, but I was stuck at home all day, with no means of transportation. I wish that I could ride my bike across the freeway, or even better, that I had a sense of direction so I could bike to Bart.

Life sucks balls,

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Christina. said...

Ahh, so witty.
Yes, you're on a cursing streak indeed. I can't blame you, though. The truth hurts, usually. But I'd rather be crying over it than happy about a lie... Gives us more time to do some self-reflection. And you're right about the counter-arguing. 8D People need to be more open-minded these days.
And I'm the bitter pessimist here. If you wanna meet an un-sympathetic bitch (minus the bitchy part), I'll introduce to to my friend R. Her apathy and immaturity has been just getting on my damn nerves lately.

Occasionally I become desperate for food at night... When I'm staying up late putting off homework. One time I indulged in some good ole' raisin bread and scarfed down some water along with it. Quite tasty.

As far as the math test goes, on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 5 being the hardest), I'd give it a 4.
Perry's sometimes delusional, and definitely overexaggerating there. Richard's becoming quite arrogant... It's ticking me off. He sits in front of me in English class... I must say, the arts are not his strength. :] (language arts, for the most part... I'd love to see him draw)
He probably understood the exam, and got over 90%. As for me, I studied, and winged about 1.5 questions. Better than the girl to my left who sits behind me in English. It seemed as though she skipped a third of the fucking questions. I recall going to Baker at the end of class saying the test was hard. He was rather stoic about my comment... "Yes, it was." as a reply, damn.
Hah! You're usually going over formulas with Baker before any individual test. You'll do fine.