Thursday, April 3, 2008

What Else is there to Say besides "I Love You"?

Dun dura-dun dun-dun, can't touch dis'! Dun dura-dun dun-dun!

Today was an okay day. I a ashamed to say that I ate chicken. Oh well, rules are made to be
broken. I've noticed that people say "no offense" a lot, which is an irony, considering that a lot of times- they are indeed saying something either offensive or something that they think is offensive. Why do you say it at all if you think it'll offend the other person? Sure, being reminded of my flaws is a great turn-on for me, in terms of friendship- notice the sarcasm. Once in a while, I will say "no offense" as well, so what if I'm a hypocrite- since I say it too, it just gives me the "right" to say that a lot of times it is something that I find would be offensive to the other person. Just my daily rantings. 

This morning was "B" schedule, so I got to sleep ten extra minutes. In P.E. we had to run half a mile (although I have no idea why considering that we ran on Tuesday...), and it was O.K. I talked with Jane for a while and we have somewhat re-kindled our "kinda" deteriorating friendship (*cough* why do I think it sounds...fruity?). Bartho has been a bit "iffy" recently, because I have noticed that my friends criticisms of her are pretty harsh, yet unfortunately- true. There is a bit of an odor of her gym clothes (not that mine don't
reek- but I cover it up at least!) She is a little bit of what you would call an "abuser", for it seems that she enjoys insulting skinny people (and thinking that just cuz' their skinny, they don't think their fat, so it's okay for her to insult them and call them fat).

Enough of this degradation of another human being on my "day blog", I'll move on.

So second period (science) was fun- I love Bill Nye! He is awesome- recall those fun videos ladies and gentleman, where there is a corny ass 70's-80's music-video parody with changed lyrics to fit into the context of the video (thanks for the wording Christina). "Not too bad!" for those of you who recognize that phrase. Did you know that forests have four levels? The sub floor, the understory, the forest floor, and the canopy? I'll stop now...

We were watching "August Rush" in French class (don't ask why- long story). It was unrealistic, but nevertheless- touching in the least. The stupid "awek;uhafwkjdsfnjbd fa.wejkleq2t3u7RFTRTU&I&()*&^%$#" in the back are so loud that we are always distracted. Pardon my french (haha).

I got an "A" in English last grading period (and incidentally made the "A" honor role), but I don't have any confidence of the next one. Which reminds me- Mrs. Contreras said that I have to go with her to talk to the English Dept. Head to see if I can get into Honors English next year. I hope I remember to remind her (she's very forgetful). I need to get into at least ONE honors class next year (hopefully English, because that's my easiest subj.).

Lunch was okay, I went to the Eco-friendly Club (as per usual), not too enjoyable, but I don't want the club members to think I'm overly flaky (one of them is on the fencing team- and I quit that so...yeah). It's not too bad, not a long meeting. Although the teacher has a history of not following through with activities. I was in her Writers Club for a while, and there was talk about publishing a Writer's Zine or something- never happened, sometimes she isn't even there for the meetings [on Fridays].

In Geometry it was the same ol' same ol'. I chatted with Christina, about how, what- I have no idea- how life sucks? I think she really brings the pessimistic (wait for the contradiction here) optimist in me. She's good at drawing political expressions of stuff (I have no better word), they are lovely. I think Dae Sean sorta dislikes me, he was nicer at the other table. 


Driver's ed was boring, we turned it our books whoohoo! Tomorrow is the last day!

I hung out at Janes house, Perry was there for a while too. I saw Mika Matsu, who I haven't seen personally since she went to St. Bridgets sometime during elementary school (the only reason I remember which school she transferred to is because Yuki went there in 3rd grade or somethin'). I don't remember what she was like before (we were good friends though...-.-) but her personality seems...conformist much? Maybe an overstatement, she was nice, somewhat evasive...boring convo.

My dad picked me up at Jane's house and I went to the beach. I sat on a tablecloth-tarp thingy, and buried my feet, it was warm and wonderful and now I feel dirty. Note: Must take shower soon. I got this drink thingy afterwards, I decided to try the bigger size, but felt sick. I suppose 
that after getting the same drink four times straight- you would get sick of it. I slept in the car while I waited until my brothers lacrosse practice was over. Then we went home and I continued to sleep.

I edited Jane's story called "Mrs. Goose Pays Mrs. Pig a Visit", you should read it on my other blog:


Bob Sanders

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harriethu said...

internship: Project Pull
I'd give you the link, but you must be a Junior next year to apply anyway, so there's no point. Maybe next year! It's a SF thing.

My report card isn't so great.
I hate it.
I think I'm a get a D this quarter in chem.

You know, I've successfully avoided making conversation with him this whole week, but I'm sad I did. -__-

You're a lot more mature than most freshmen I know. Hell, a whole hell more than I am now.

and hrm, your blog was long. I kinda skimmed it. xD I <3 blogs :D
especially xanga featured ones. :P
But I did see the Saint Brigid part... don't recognize the names.