Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Slow Minded Lazybug

I feel like the whole day was wasted on reading. I was reading this book called , "PS, I Love You" and it's quite a moving book. Although I haven't lost someone who was really really close to me, I can kind of relate to her feelings. I'm always just sleeping around, being messy, and doing nothing. How am I suppose to live my life like this. Sure, becoming aware of my country is interesting, but I now I feel like being so informed is making me incredibly pessimistic of the future. International politics is good, but I have mixed feelings about our international policy. There are several ways that we could help third-world countries, that we aren't doing at this very moment, but there are also many ways we can stop helping a few countries because we really aren't really helping them...

We leave a ginormous country to starve but we care oh so much about how badIraq's doing right now...anyway gotta go to bed!


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harriethu said...

"sleeping around".... nice choice of words?

You know, I seem to have a lot of tension between members of the speech team.
Tension: Tong, Richard (though I doubt he notices), Gina, Alex, Holden

sigh* well.. that's a pain. Though, I am glad I met some other people through it. :P