Thursday, April 17, 2008

Library...once life...

I'm at the library again. There's really no report for the day. I found tons of YoYo Ma CD's here, but I can't find my wallet, so I'm wondering what I'm going to do... We had to run a mile today and it sucked- so I walked and sprinted as per usual. I got this book the other day (Tuesday) and I started reading last night, I just finished it several hours ago. Anyway, I've been reading it on and off at the hall...during class...etc. So I'm not sure how many pages it was but it was pretty short because it was double spaced. The book was pretty awesome.

Check it out: H.I.V.E. by Mark Walden. I'm going to go and try to find the sequel. The writing style takes a little time to adjust, because it's bit simple-ish in the beginning, but I think it was a very exciting and adrenaline filled book.

We had a French test today and it was dreadful...I wont write the details now but...yeah, it was painfully bad. I haven't looked through my French book in months so I didn't know what the fuck I was doing. There was a science test today too- in tandem with my French test (switch the order). I think that I did relatively well, but I know I fucked up quite a few of the questions. Geometry wasn't too bad, I actually did some work *gasp*! One second, the computers going to shut down on me. OK I'm back.

I'm still in the eco-friendly club, and I still have no idea why. I am firmly against the belief that global warming exists...well at least the "warming" part. I just feel like it's just a random Apocalypse theory. I wanted to hang out with Christina today when I forgot that I had club...=( I really have this urge to knit but I lost my needles...I either have to find them or buy new ones. I actually was thinking of getting fatter ones, I want to make a scarf with fat yarn (it's faster that way xD). My mom said she'll help me make a messanger bag, I hope she keeps her word...

I wanted these vintage boots from and they were awesome and my mom and dad agreed to buy them for me, but then they said no after looking at them again. Apparently it's because they don't want me using used shoes. Damn them, they are the awesomist boots that I've ever seen in my life. My mom picked me up 30 minutes late today from school. Since we got out at 12:40 today, I expected her to be on time- but was she? Of course not! After that she took me for tea at this expensive tea place, but she kept on reminding me that my manners sucked. Whatever. The tea was pretty good. One pot of tea was eight bucks, and I find that ridiculous, and said so, but my mom shushed me. Gah. I had basmati rice and masala sauce with tofu. It was okay, but too bland and sweet.

"Wine red...this is the death of beauty..."



Christina. said...

"The dovers have died, the lovers have liiiied..."
I wonder why the hell you're still in that eco-friendly club, too.
I could put on a damn good man's voice.
Hah, I'm sure as hell not asking my English teacher to do it. =.=

Christina. said...

WTF, let me quote this bopper from school. "all my teachers are hurt". I have Benson for English... I wouldn't ask her to proofread my essay, cause' her class is pointless... We hardly do anything in there and it's an easy A.

Christina. said...

Interesting, hah. In general I've been always questioning my abilities lately. Sucks. My writing skills could sure be improved. I tend to do too much "fluffing" as a way to fill up space... Not always the best strategy, I must admit.