Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tooth-related Problems and Algebra

I took the algebra placement exam for Advanced Algebra Honors- I totally bombed it. There were 50 questions, and I am only confident of answering around half of them right. The rest of it was just guessing...*cough* I mean guesstimation of course... I almost forgot about extemp practice after the test and I almost went with Perry to Quickly's...thank god the color of the bathroom door was similar to Mr. Leungs shirt...

Extemp practice was 'so-so', we got partners and I was paired with Richard...the weird Richard- erm, wait, they're both weird. I guess I can describe him as the one who doesn't have the afro... Anyway, we didn't do much, I stupidly said that I knew more about Pakistan than any other
international country (which is true but...). The fact of the matter is, that I haven't been keeping up with Pakistan's government lately- first of all, it's too complicated, second of all, I am lazy. I have to formulate/memorize-ish my speech by next Wednesday! After we bumped around and solidified our three key points, we went to this old lady's house and took some old Economist, Newsweek, and other collections of magazines that she had posted on Craigslist for free... Weird thing is, that she lived several houses down from the school! Then we went home.

My mom picked me up and gave me pasta, I slept in the car and then I read a book. She dropped me off at home and then went to a meeting. I watched the rest of disc 1 of Numb3rs season 3. Shut up, I know I'm a geek. I then just played games...I have to 
study for my science test and french test now.  

ciao baby ciao!
Lito Abe

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harriethu said...

You have to memorize a speech for extempt?

Hehe.. I just realized, you include a lot of random information in your posts. :P