Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hong Kong Flower's Non-HK style food

Today is my brother and dad's Birthday, and unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to get them a present in time- but my mom probably got something for the both of us. I know- I am very thoughtful. I'm at the library right now and the computer is threatening to shut down before I finish this post. I took a typing test last week and it said that my typing speed is almost 77 words per minute. Well, at least that's my personal best. Crap, I keep on having to type and then erase very quickly.

Anyway, today was boring. I finished this awesome anime series called "Okkiku Fukikabutte" and the ending was a bit dissapointing, but all in all a decent anime. A couple of complaints: man friendship is beautiful, but do they really need to emphasize it that much? I thought that I was watching a shounen-ai anime sometimes. The baseball tactics were pretty good though, and the coach was a strong woman. I have two more minutes left on this comp. Later I found this new manga on It's called "666 Satan" I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but the summary looks promising.

---cut off by computer---

Hey, so anyway not much more to post today. I found out that there is much more to hacking than what meets the eye. It's so much trouble, I don't know if I want to try and become a computer geek this summer anymore...Seeing as I'm an incredibly lazy human being. Apathy is threatening to take over!

It wasn't as hot today- thank the lord, or whoever out there who told the Heatman to turn it down. Guess what? The library has brand new issues of "The Economist"! It's a seven day rent thingy.

That just about raps it up..Oh- don't be sad or depressed today! Right now I deem this Sunday April 13 as the "Antidepressed Day". If you are depressed- you die!



Christina. said...

What a nice ending to this very recent blog post. =.=

We're all hypocrites, well at least those of us who rely on Wikipedia for research papers.
I agree about the whole anti-depressant idea. I'm not always this pessimistic...

I'm kind of wanting this election to end as well.

Christina. said...

Haha, hey, depression ain't funny!
Screw this damn country. It's hard to take pride in it nowadays... Our political leaders suck, etc., global warming, our healthcare system is going down the drain, people could honestly care less about education, the economy is worsening, and so forth... Gah this sucks.

Christina. said...

Hey when did I begin using "...and so forth"? HAHAHAHAAH. I been hearing it too much lately.

Christina. said...

Haha I eventually picked up the "and so forth" from this one adult I'm around... A lot. If you ever meet them, you'll definitely notice.
Talking about a "pointless AP history course" was pretty vague. I left out one word for effect. Our school offers AP art history... This one person who recently graduated advised not to take it until senior year, cause' it's pointless. =.=

Our country sucks. Period. Let's refer back to my "The world that I see..." drawing.
I don't get religion. Pretty apathetic in that area... Maybe I'm just a downright skeptic. Screw religion;; I rely on simple facts, logic, and science.

My iPod can charge now. :]