Saturday, April 12, 2008

"Fuck you" is something that I would say to the Heatman (the guy who brings heat to the Bay Area- duh!)

It's so hot, it makes you wanna "strip! strip! strip".

Yeah, well the volunteering thing with Sal's over, and truthfully, it was a huge disappointment for Sal and I. We didn't do anything at all. Basically Sal was expecting menial labor type work, but all she did was check off names when people came in. She was so obsessed with doing something, that she did all the work
there was to be done- without me being able to do anything =(. In other words, a bit of a "ball-hog" but in this context "work-hog". Whatever. We hung out a little while afterwards. I went to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and got this blueberry pomegranate thingy, and then we went  to Forever 21. We parted after that. 

I went to Borders and read manga. My dad and bro met me there and they gave me a piece of salmon. It was good, but the kimchee sucked. We went around afterwards trying to find a treat, and I saw this soft-serve ice cream self-serve place, but there was samples and it tasted like old milk. 
Finally we just decided to go to
Beard Papa's! and I got a $2.25 cream puff. I observed that they sold green tea in a bottle for $2.75, when 
you can get the exact same
thing in Japan town for $1. Oh, how they rip up off *pleasant face*. We went home after that, and I slept in the car with the oh-so-sweet air conditioning...but now that I am in my house, it is so fucking humid in here, and yeah. Heat makes me bitchy.

Oh, and I broke my vegetarian thing for good. I ate a beef stick from the Cherry blossom festival. It's pointless to keep this up anymore. Ahh! And tomorrow's my dad and brothers birthday, must remember to get them a present tonight or make them something.
It kind of sucks for my dad because his car broke down earlier and we had to pay a hundred buckaroo's to get a new battery. It all turned out fine or whatever.

Yours fucking truly,


Christina. said...

I love your title.
This heat wave is making me appreciate this one classroom I'm in everyday at school... It's the biggest one out of them all, but also the coolest. I'd come in there shivering and would leave complaining about whether or not the teacher's ever heard of a heater. My God.

Yeah, Fueled By Ramen is pretty independent... Mainly alternative rock bands, the occasional powerpop/punk/emo bands. Pretty good music, but it's growing and growing... Sooner or later, the artists signed to the label is gonna turn way mainstream. I can guarantee. Btw, Anberlin is awesome but I'm not too into Christian rock.

Oh yeah, in your words I'm outspoken... But at the same time quiet. Idk if people consider me shy, maybe those who don't know me well. No wonder you kept saying at the beginning of the year that I should join debate. I don't necessarily love arguing. And about your "trust issues," well that is simply based upon the people you hang around... Personally I don't understand the whole situation you were blogging about. It's confusing.

Yeah, MightyG. Hella eccentric guy. Maybe that's why you just "love to hate him". Idk if that was the right way to phrase it. W/e. I can't think straight because of this weather.

harriethu said...

I like the way you ended the blog.

Anyhow, Adrienne bought Donut's checkered pants today. :P
I actually do like the pants, but that would mean forking out $30 for pants rather than food. :D

Er.. sigh* I don't like her.
She's like the female Alex, they both talk shit about people behind their backs. Except.. Alex is more liked.

Yesterday night was so lovely. I love this weather.
Sunny day with breezes or Heavy rain w/soaked clothes is loveeee.
Today... was a bit hotter, not that much of a fave, but at least I get tan. xD

I was at Borders for awhile too! Just trying to find a CD for someone, didnt' work out.

harriethu said...

and... well, the vegetarian thing, after a long period of time, people lose the enzymes in their body to digest meat. So.. if you had kept it going for a long time, but suddenly picked it up again, you'll be spending quite some time in the bathroom. =]

harriethu said...

I meant her as in Tong, not Donut. I like donuts... and Donut, too. xD

harriethu said...

LA trip- AAA conference that will happen around May-ish. 4-5 people will be going down there to hold a workshop (about AAA) and also to get information about how to organize a conference, because we're planning to organize one with other youthgroups around the bay area. yeupyeup.

ANd.. the wash trip, I got the email last Thursday? They said they have "budget issues" =(

Ditto for Jeffrey meaning I need to figure out what to get him. :D

:P I find it funny how you say "must remember to get them a present" by tonight. Shouldn't you have prepared a long time ago?

Christina. said...

Anberlin's music is pretty cool... But I've only heard whatever is on their Myspace page. Don't really look on downloading any of their songs, they don't stand out to me... Typical Christian alternative rock band. Nothing special. They're far from indie.

You have some pretty interesting things to say... I mean yeah sometimes the topics are a little pointless, but you're sure as hell not shallow. (like most individuals I know)
A little misanthropic, eh?

Why I love the What the Buck channel! Haven't watched those videos in a while, however.

harriethu said...

Adrienne likes asking people where they get their clothes, and then she goes and checks them out ... and eventually buys them. It's an odd habit.

And no.. budget issues apply to everyone. =/ No one from Wash is going.

Christina. said...

I never thought Anberlin was Christian rock, well until I looked them up on Wikipedia. Kinda stupid considering how any idiot can alter its content.
I'll just stop debating with ya as far as rock music goes, OK? :]

Megumi, you are truly an optimist sometimes. Gosh. I love pointless conversations.