Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Coffee and Poo-colored Geometry book

I spilled almost 8 ounces of my caramel latte on my geometry book. I'm fucked. It was good too! Hopefully it'll work out with the teach'. Not the greatest day, but not the worst...

Fafafafafafa! We played 'ultimate football' in P.E. today- supposedly a variation of 'ultimate Frisbee'. It wasn't fun, the football was too tiny and soft. I did a lot of my homework at the library, then went to Starbucks where the incident happened.

I'm becoming very skeptical about the people who hang around me. One's a liar, and the other's too passive. Other friends are cool, but very un-entertaining...not that I want to have "wild" friends *cough*. I'm lazy so yeah, I don't wanna write anymore.



Christina. said...

Good point there about the heritage thing... Europe is indeed more fucked up than Asia. Nice comparison you made there about former Nazi Germany. Fuck Hitler.

My hair, ehhh. Face was kinda dirty, so I didn't give a shit about how my hair was styled for the rest of the day just as long as it was away from my face.
It was all because of this George Segal-inspired art project for class... Using plaster gauze with a layer of un-petroleum jelly underneath to sculpt face moulds. Pretty common project... Taking the "masks" off, there would obviously be some small pieces of plaster stuck to your face and other areas, so afterwards the girls bathroom across the hall was packed with people cleaning their faces in the mirror with paper towels and water... You really get a great view of people's acne during the cleaning sector! :] Hah.
Yeah, and in the middle of the cleaning up portion, this sophomore girl from our geometry class walked into the bathroom. Ironico.

Christina. said...

Oh, and am I one of the friends you're mentioning in this blog post?

Christina. said...

Ehh, I had two partners sculpt my face (it's supposed to be that way in the project, so we can't exactly control how the hell we look)for me. Yeah it was a little stupid of me to mention the irony part.
I'd love to visit Japan one day. :]

I'm fine with passive, as long as I'm not the friend whom you called a compulsive liar, heh.
Oh yeah crap the festival starts this weekend... I have no idea. Preferably one of the Sundays.