Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So, my cell broke

Life isn't the greatest thing at the moment. Although STAR Testing is finally over, I'm still stressed out for no reason. I think that I'm really self-conscious. Tomorrow we get to go to school at 12:55pm - which is really awesome! *sqwee*. I think I may call a few of my friends to have lunch. My phone isn't working. The vibrator is broken - as gross as it sounds...yeah, so I don't answer my phone that much because it's always on vibrate...yeah...I have bad hearing. I think that it broke when tons of sand got into it...oh well, it's my brother's phone anyway. The science wasn't difficult...but I didn't know a lot of it - and it wasn't my fault! I am positive that we didn't learn all the stuff on the test, because science is the one class that I actually do my work without copying...

The math wasn't difficult, but I couldn't help the feeling of competition with Greg who sits across from me. I think there's something wrong with him. I used to talk to him a lot in the beginning of the year, but then I think that he thinks I'm really weird, and a freak, so he ignores me most of the time. Not that I really want to talk to him in the first place, because he's really not the greatest conversationalist, but still - do you mind? I think he's in love with the other guy on our table - forgot his name. He's short and gangster-ish wannabe, black, and goofy. Greg always smiles when he's there. Greg also likes Sam, because it seems like he's always trying to find reasons to talk to her.

I talked to Adela and Sam today a lot, about nothing. We were just talking about different people, and being bitches...hmm. I never knew that Berry was such a slut! Haha, just one of many things I learned from the conversation. I had a paper airplane contest with Adela, and I totally OWNED! Yeah, mine went way better - always stay with the classic airplane was a well thought out model, and that's why it's so classic.

I hung out with Kerin today at lunch, and she called me yesterday to confirm that I would hang out at lunch with her today - a bit strange, but I suppose that's just the kind of person she is...because she's called me before for really trivial reasons. I must watch my phone minutes, because recently my parents have been eying my(brothers) phone whenever it rings, as if challenging me to answer it. Sometimes they're more assertive and they tell me not to pick up the phone at all! I suppose for a just cause...

I was late this morning for homeroom because I had to wait in the line at Starbucks for 10 whole fucking minutes to order my tall peppermint latte. It took another five minutes for that to be made too! I wanted to yell at the nonchalant coffee people that "time is money, stop being so frickin' slow!" - or in this case, "time was my grade".

I am now in Japantown after being let out of French class early. I wandered around the school for a little bit with Kerin and Sal, but eventually Sal had to go back to wait for her friends, but I got on the bus with Kerin. She got off at 19th or 20th Ave. to go to Rite Aid. It was amusing, because while we were waiting for all the other people in my class to finish their tests, she was looking through a Rite Aid coupon magazine-paper-thing. I just have to tease her a bit and say, "You have already transformed into a Chinese lady". I wonder if that's racist on my part?

Ciaomein - over n'out

Edit: Oh, forgot to mention that I got the CAHSEE test scores back, and I passed - by the skin of my teeth! The passing percentage for English is 55% I believe, and for math it's 50% - I may be confusing them, but anyway, I got a 79% on English and 80% on math. Begeeguz, I need to study so I can get in the 90's, it'll make me feel proud. I'm a narcissist, shut up.


Christina. said...

Damn, well, you won that arguement.
Who the hell are you talking about big-word user? Look at yourself! You intellectual soul.
I hate reading. Ya can't blame me.

Christina. said...

Egotism, no. Cockiness, perhaps.
We were arguing about the fact that I think you make me feel stupid. You countered that with your inferiority towards me in terms of um... Yeah.
General English proficiency test? Are you talking about the practice CAHSEE exam we all got back in registry today?

I always thought of you as the type who was into classic American literature.

Christina. said...

Narcissism, hah. My scores, pretty even across the border.
93%, both subjects. Could've been better. =.=

Christina. said...

Yes, I agree. Simlar ethics, cool enough. :]
Bubble-in tests are somewhat cool. I like the suspicion of patterns in the letters of the answers... Looking at them are cool. But they bore me as well.
Hahahah, I remember. Peterson's VARK scale! I'm a visual learner for sure. Spatial intelligence! :D

I really need to read more... A lot of fiction bores me. As opposed to a majority of people who actually enjoy it. Depressing non-fiction all the way.

Christina. said...

I pretty much winged the science test, guessing on at least 25% of the questions. Miraculously, I scored in the advanced level for both 8th grade science and history last year. o.O
I'm not doing bio honors, either. =.= Whatever. Screw honors science, but I'll try and take at least one of those courses before I graduate. Just not every single damn year unlike somebody. Jeebus. Overachievers like her sometimes bite off more than they can chew. They're putting too much stress on themselves. Not good. Just chill, man.

Psychology fascinates me. Ahh, cook books are awesome. Food is a wonderful thing.

harriethu said...

You should join my program.

Oh wait, Friday may not be the best day to come. I'll be busy moping to a friend about my lost position. But... whatever you want. Yes, no?

waiting for summer..

Christina. said...

I don't recall enjoying elementary school so much either, but back then people were so innocent... We were all so naive you'd just wanna laugh and blow off the whole situation.
But I hated middle school. I think 8th grade was the point in which I was most antisocial, when I realized that I really didn't need to talk to most of my peers which were assholes to feel happy. I fit the description of a social outcast, still am now though I've adjusted and perhaps conformed quite a bit. =.=

Hah! Their parents? Genius.
Reminds me of the MUNI bus and other places. I recall at the beginning of the year when I'd still be talking to folks from middle school who I either saw on the 29 bus occasionally or here at Wash... Reminiscing about middle school and reflecting on our high school experiences so far. The less than 10 who actually decided to come here. Nowadays, we'll encounter each other here and then and simply glare... In a rather cold way.
Kind of a good thing, actually. I mean, I couldn't stand most of them or ignored them back at Vis, why pretend now?

Courses over our grades? A little retarded, in my opinion. I wonder if taking Algebra I in 8th grade guarantees us high school credit... I'd hate to have to take math all four years in order to qualify for a decent UC. I'd like to splurge my elective credits on something better. :]
I agree. Forget what I said about chilling, unless you count this summer. Oh wait, summer reading. Fuck. =.= I'm going to be such a nerd next year, it's not even funny. Be prepared to hear me whine and complain incessantly about missing having a VAPA freshman year.