Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Choppy Bologna Mash

Hey Bitches! *winks grossly*

I have begun to do pointless webvlogs on YouTube, but to tell the truth, it is quite
entertaining to talk to the camera in the computer. In a way it's soothing- like a therapist that doesn't talk, and I can also check to see if there's anything in my teeth. My most recent vlog is about global warming (click on it to watch).
So I got the press release for my eco-friendly club, and I'm starting to gradually realize that climate change is going to kill us all.
I have a myriad of reasons to pick up the trash in my yard now (not that I have recently...)

I talked a lot today. And I feel disliked, because when you talk to a human being and
they act like a wall, it is quite refreshing, but you don't exactly feel like they're listening to you. Disconcerting as is is, I just talk because I like the sound of my
voice (I guess...?),
I can talk and talk...there is a limitless number of thing I can talk about without getting bored.
My friend thought I was crazy yesterday because I was talking to myself on a piece
of paper...for fun...in College and Career. It was quite humorous as I showed her
the conversation. She asked me if I was "okay" in the head, and I laughed and then I helped her with her algebra homework.

Speaking of helping people with their work...yesterday, when I was at the library
(so what?), this Spanish-accented person asked me for help with her English homework.
I feel most remorseful in the sense that I probably did not do her homework justice. Gah, I must've just made it worse... It was ELL homework too. I was never good at English. The only reason that my writing is relatively coherent, is because I read books...and I have an OCD regarding horrible grammar...and many other things related to language.
I think that not only
do I enjoy the sound of my own voice, I enjoy the way that my typed words look on the computer. I know I a freak, don't remind me, it just eggs me on.

I wonder if I could get free chocolate at Costco...



porkie-walrus said...

that was interesting. I notice that you use big formal words, which kind of sounds cool.


harriethu said...

i like your hair down.