Friday, April 4, 2008

Puff Daddy's in Da HOUSE! What does that mean anyway?

It's late, so I'm posting this- it's going to show up as tomorrow, but this post is about yesterday...gah this is confusing! Anyways, this is a post for the following:

April 4, 2008

Today was a pretty darn decent day. I got to school "relatively" on time- in other words, I got into the locker room without a... need to bang on the doors. Gym was boring, but I remembered to bring my gym clothes home! Awesomeness! They smelled like shit anyways (I don't want to say how long I haven't washed them for- but it's a disgusting number). I made quite a few long shots (in basketball), glorious moments...oh the nostalgia. In second period, we did notes, and it was easy (as per usual). Crap, I've just noticed that I use parenthesis a a lot- got to break that habit.

In third period, we actually "kinda" did work! *gasps*, well to say that we did work is an overstatement considering that we went to the computer lab and were instructed to research a French country. Needless to say...I played hobowars the whole time while memorizing part of this hilariously ridiculous rap that I found online. I tried rapping to anyone who was listening- thankfully they didn't want to waste their tomato's on me.
I shall post a part of it here: Juggalo
                       what is a juggalo you ask?
                    let me think for a second
                   oh, he get's butt-naked
                      he walks through the street
                   winking at the freaks
                        with a two-liter stuck in his butt-cheeks

Are you laughing yet?


In fourth period, Ms. Contreras went with me to talk to Ms. Jacobs- the English Dept. Head. She was a bit spacey, but all in all, an amiable woman. Ms. Contreras favors me now- at least I think... Sher is being nicer to me recently...odd. We just did Lit terms in English, so nothing eventful happened. I actually didn't get a chance to talk with Rosy or Katrina...

Lunch was so tedious! I was mad because I had misread this sheet that I was suppose to turn in today, but I left it at home because I thought it didn't apply to me. Now I have to take a chance and get it in on Monday- I hope the spaces don't fill up for Expository writing. Although my counselor told me that those classes don't fill up that quickly. I believe that it's a three hour class every day for a month. Yikes! I'm participating in this because I would like to further my skills in writing factual reports etc. Perry is doing it with me. I don't know if she realizes that it's going to be a big commitment. I don't think I realize it either.

I spent the whole period in the counseling office trying to talk to Ms. Huddleston, but she was in an important meeting with these serious looking fat ladies. Perry cried because Kennedy yelled at her, but then Cozak signed it for her and she was all happy again. I think that today was a difficult day for Perry, but in the end she got was she wanted and
was "happy and shiny again" (quote by Harry). She also lost some important thingy for science, and she dragged me around the school 
after school had already ended, but then I had the chance to talk to Mr. Shinamoto (is that his name?) the science dept. Head, and he told me that I had to write a really good letter to the dept. about why they should accept me. I'm going to work on that with my dad later, because he's good at writing proposals (it's his job so...).

*pauses and goes the bathroom* Did you really need to know that? Haha...yeah...not funny.

I'm trying to remember what I did after that...oh yeah! So I went down to the market on (38th?) planning to buy mango's, but they didn't have any, so I bought a nectarine and a ice cream stick. The ice cream stick was good (it was oreo..) but the nectarine that smelled so wonderful- was crap. I ate it, but it was really fibery, and not good tasting.

When I got to the bus stop for the 38, I had to run to catch it. The bus was empty for the most part, but when we got to Roosavelt, the bus was filled with tiny people, and I saw my friend get on (she was at clement st.), we talked to her and complained about this guy who we know (haha), then she got off. The bus was "kinda" crowded, but not so much that I couldn't squeeze out. I was reading the Economist, which I had snatched from the Props room earlier. It was nice because it was shorter than usual (100pg's I think?).

Then we got to Masonic, and TONS AND TONS of people got on. Wallenburgers and little people alike. It was like a freakin' raid! And then I saw my long lost friend Eli. We talked about fanfiction and I gave her friend (who looks and acts like Sara strangely- who is/was Eli's best friend) a high five, for a reason that I don't remember. I got her cell #, and promised to call. I will...someday. I had to squeeze out of the 38, and I got off earlier, because more people would 
get on, it would be even more unbearable. I went to Nijiya and decided to try their seasoned okara, but it was too salty- Super Mira's is really the best kind... I bought a natto-maki too, and I ate it while walking up to my dad's office- people stared at me in disgust, it was really good though. The wind was blowing so my hair got gross.

I have this history with Super Mira. Their manager hates me for, a reason...not to be mentioned on this blog. I finally had the balls to go in, and I bought cheap candy without incident. I went back to my dad's office, and we went home. I think that I just slept, then went into the house, and slept...until 11 something.



PS: I just noticed that April 4th is what everyone pronounces my alias! It's really Aberforthe, but people pronounce it "April forf", haha...g'night


harriethu said...

No, him not acknowledging you does not make me feel any better.

:P I'm lazy about bringing my gym clothes home too.. Though I always do by the second week.

Hrm... what expository thing? COuld you give me a link? I wana keep my summer options open in case I get rejected from my internship. :P

No. I'm REALLY worried about my grade, I got .... I don't even wanna publicize it. Just bad. Below 50% bad.

harriethu said...

Yes, yes. Shittiest test I've ever taken.

Grades I got back today were better.
And the world is happy because my mom said she'd let me buy this tshirt: