Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Something Special

Hmm, STAR Testing this week. Boring. I had to take naps in between passages for English. I must tell you that it feels gross to sleep on a biology table. It's all sticky and stuff. Quite unsettling. I've started to resume aol instant messaging - an old habit that I kicked long ago. Harry told me about Meebo.com, and now I'm just using day after day...(just yesterday and today). This is a stupid way to pass my time, but also a way to bond with old middle school friends who I don't see all the time.

The geometry portion of the test was pretty basic - if I had payed attention in class. I recognized a lot of stuff, but luckily nothing too difficult. I hate bubbling in tests, they're so borrrring! I turned in my science drawing with my readmit, and now I'm home free. I almost finished this book I started this afternoon. It's the second science fiction book I've read this week. I wonder what's come over me. It's based in the future, and global warming has, well, "warmed up", but then somehow, through depleting technology, humans managed to survive. And apparently the ozone is healing itself. There is still hope for mankind. Although in reality, I don't think so. I'm amazed I could even write that line in my blog. 

I was listening to Mr. Bush speak this morning on the radio. His voice is very understandable, he talks like he's lecturing a class of kindergartners. He blames Congress for everything, and he says he's doing all he [fucking] can to help the housing crisis. Verbatim: "I've sent many bills...to Congress...and they've consistantly...blocked me from every direction...(I wonder why)...If we drill in U.S. territories...it'll be environmental safe...(wtf)?" haha. It just gives you a taste of some useless cough syrup.

I want to move to prairie land, and read in the grass - without bugs, with a limitless amount of books...and a limitless supply of food...and a computer...haha. Well, let's pray to the Invisibles...

I didn't tell you about the Invisibles did I? Well, I just thought of it just now so...it's my new religion - for the time being. After you die, your spirit merely becomes invisible, and they are the ones who weave fate. They are kind of like the Three Fates of Greek mythology, but all dead people can weave your fate. You can have many fates, and a choice you make will guide you towards a certain "thread" and you will be caught in that Invisible's loom weave thing. Yeah. There might be a god, but I'm not sure I want to put that in. Oops, I mean there will be god's and goddesses. I ain't no feminist, but patriarchy has been allowed for too long.

There is still hope for mankind. 
Christina - does this count as being pessimistic or being extremely  cynical?



Christina. said...

Poor lighting/camera.
If I were to ever take a photography class, I'd fail miserably.

Christina. said...

Oh, and as far as the "There is still hope for mankind" goes, it's neither. It's a little bit of sarcasm, quite a bit of optimism. Well, in my opinion. I'm not always right.

Christina. said...

Interesting, hahah. Dude you often make me feel stupid.
Uhm, I think I fucked up on the science portion of the STAR test.