Thursday, April 10, 2008

What is Smart

Guess what? "What Abe?" I did my homework. *gasps in horror and astonishment*.
So I just got back from my favorite library and honestly, it just feels great. I got all of my math homework done, and most of my science. Great progress here considering that I don't normally open my backpack when I get home (excluding the extraction of my lunchbox).

I think that I should start studying for the PSAT's soon- the library has a wonderful selection of brand new test prep books! Shut up, I know I'm a freak. It's hard to type this post while simultaneously talking to Perry on the phone...

Anyway, today I saw the school musical, because today is the cheapest day to go. I met Harry somewhere along the way after I waited nearly an hour for Ms. Jacobs who didn't show up at her office! I've been waiting for her twice a day! 

The musical was pretty good, the leads were very good. Whenever this one guy is in a play, it always turns out that he kisses someone! I hung out with Harry before
for a couple hours in the bleachers above the football field. Prior to that we got
kicked out of the Props room... The girl was a bit snobby, but that's just because I'm bitchy about getting kicked out- we really weren't suppose to be there.

Later on I got these cilantro dumplings, and they were awesome, because they had water chestnuts in them. I want to be a math nerd, but it's too much trouble.
Gotta practice piano now.


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