Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Blackout and the 1906

I almost blacked out in Borders, but thankfully I woke up by falling on a solid bookcase (it was fastened on the wall...), amazing, it's like from a book! So yeah, it must be the lack of food- or lack of nutritious food... I ate half a microwaved potato and a Kimchi Bowl Noodle
(unhealthy but mmm..)

ANYWAY, today was a pretty good day. The test in geometry was 'so-so' I was dumb
and didn't study the properties of quadrilaterals, so the first side was fucked...but on the other side- the calculations part- I'm sure I did proficiently =p. English was pretty good, well except for the fact that Ms. Contreras seemed to be scrutinizing my every movement whenever
she has the chance...also the conversation with my friend-ish people was...how do I say it- very...perverted to say the least. Lunch was *cough*...yeah, I hung out with Perry and Jane- if you know them, 
well, you know
how that goes... I managed to have a brisk on-the-spot appointment with Ms. Huddleston, and she was surprisingly civil. She signed my paper,
and- wait
for it....SMILED! Wow, a great feat for her.

Career Ed is pretty boring- but I got to get in some dirty jokes with Elaine (that's her real name btw). She hated them, and her cool demeanor was a bit dismantled. She is awesome. My brothers friends prank called me, and it was really funny, because they didn't block the I.D. They told me I had a man-voice when I pretended to be someone else. So much for that. Another one of Ken's friends called me on the bus, but I redirected him. I suppose these are just the consequences of using your lil' bro's cell.

There was a traffic jam with the bus, and I was on there for over an hour.
I finally got downtown and turned in the form for College for Teens without problems.
Then I went to Borders and read manga.

PS: In the title when I say "1906" that's referring to the video I watched in science class.

Over and out-


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Christina. said...

I'm guessing someone researched Esmie Tseng... Hmmm.