Sunday, March 8, 2009

Those Untrue Cliche's

"the one i am afraid of disappointing the most- is myself" pull-ease. obviously thats not true. everyone does everything for everyone. you do something so that you appear a certain way, or feel good a certain way, so that people around you can appreciate it.

i am very disappointed. i failed. i thought that making curry would be easy- how wrong was i! In the end, my parents needed to assist me in fixing the mistakes. fortunately i was able to save the curry, and in the end it tasted good. however i do not enjoy help.

also i saw the movie, "the watchmen" and my parents forced me to leave early because they were so "disgusted" by the nudity and senseless violence. i do not like to end things short if i can help it. that is why i got extremely upset, i mean, i wanted to see the fricken end of the damn movie!

then i just got back from this thai place on Clement and I had dessert- soooo good. anyway we also went to Safeway and I took like God knows how long, trying to find this "marzipan" icecream flavor, which in the end i never found damnet! I tried it the other day with a couple of friends and it was Heavenly. I also saw this hot guy who reminded me of this other asian hot guy. haha, completely pointless info.

happy days.

oh shit gotta do so much worrrk!

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